Musk says Twitter will suspend Kanye West's account

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  1. What makes it even better/worse is that it's clearly not malice but just absolute disregard for life.

  2. I really like the direction Taliesin decided for Kingsley. Seeing how his two past lives fucked up and died and trying to learn from both of them to be better.

  3. Troupe finds out Tserriednich is connected to Sarasa murder -> Tserriednich is interested in Kurta eyes -> Troupe kills Kurta to lure Tserriednich

  4. I like this one. Connects them to Tser without absolving them of the fucked up shit they did.

  5. Probably to be consistent with how awful a father Ging turned out to be later on

  6. Pretty sure that Unohana says that Zaraki gave her her scar in the manga, too.

  7. I think what they meant is that scene was expanded. Because it definitely was in the mangq

  8. I had forgotten how fucking cool Unohana is

  9. One of them got his hands disintegrated by Aizen. That guy was a real key player in the arc

  10. I think the arrow was a good solution and it works well thematically. It just sucks that the final fight was rushed and the arrow wasn't foreshadowed practically at all.

  11. Really cool to see Sakura doing stuff, I had kinda forgotten she's supposed to be really smart so I'm happy that's getting a chance to shine. Super cool in general seeing characters do something other than big explosions.

  12. Wherever it is you can be damn sure he will never show it or otherwise aknowledge its existence

  13. Guys the names aren't that hard to remember

  14. It's sad that this is an unpopular opinion. If Urahara had been seen in an ominous light during these chapters, it would have been fine. But instead, it's been played for laughs and sexualized.

  15. I think that's the key. It could have been a very cool scene if it was taken seriously. The sexualisation is unnecessary no matter what but if it was taken seriously it would have had the effect of "Oh Kisuke is willing to go THIS far to win?" And while it still kinda has that, the scene is half a gag so it just feels wrong.

  16. Other people have pointed out how it highlights Kisuke's gray morals and that's pretty cool but yeah I don't blame you if that scene makes you uncomfortable. It certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  17. if I call people fake fans it's because they say "they don't care"

  18. You can care about the series and be a fan of it without caring about the inconsequential semantics of a small part of it.

  19. He says in the tweet that not hiring him is a bad financial move, directly implying his inclusion would be a good one

  20. I think the fact that there are this many candidates shows that Ichigo really doesn't have a proper rival

  21. No you're telling that to yourself. She probably just got there

  22. Ah yes the characters we know nothing about. I mean sure the schutstaffel would probablye win with their hax but how can you even discuss a matchup like this without complete headcanon.


  24. Oh man I was not prepared for that stupid ass costume

  25. Ukotoa might take it better than the baby

  26. Critrolestats going into overtime

  27. Bruh all he did was say his name and he got killed for it

  28. To be fair he also fucked up Akon before that

  29. Shaz Domino's schrift is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  30. Nää vihan kohteet vaihtuu, mutta tää onnellinen särmätyyppi pisti vihaksi nyt.

  31. Kieltämättä tuli varsin negatiivinen mielipide tästä tyypistä tota lukiessa.

  32. I don't mind them losing, they were gonna lose that was obvious. I just wish they actually show it in the anime. Just show us some cool op shit they can do and don't off screen them

  33. And if there are any Zanpakuto duplicates the central 46 will make them fight to the death. Ik the movies aren't Canon but it definitely seems like the crap they'd pull

  34. It's funny how the movies and filler can pull the most outrageous shit and still feel realistic because the central 46 are so dumb

  35. I don't think it needs to be looked at that deeply (although you can of course do that id you like). His power comes from being proud of his heritage even though it has caused him suffering in the past and that's dope.

  36. Sanji isn't in the top 9 even in one piece what is this

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