1. The fact that half of this thread is Charli XCX songs 💀😭😭

  2. I played Freaky Deaky in the car with my friends on spring break and they were all silent and unmoving for 2 minutes before asking me to change it 💀 I was so embarrassed

  3. Hi guys!! My newest track might be a little left of pop, but I think you can hear some Timberlake in there and even Calvin Harris. The song is about being so obsessed with your partner that you're begging to know if there's ANYTHING more you can do to keep them happy. It's a sweet, boppy song :) Hope you enjoy!!

  4. Did they stop the two drink rule? A lot people seem wasted lol

  5. I feel like they might’ve cuz that whole “should we do birthday shots?” moment seemed pretty spontaneous if it wasn’t scripted

  6. If you really want to, I'm learning on DuoLingo right now and it's fucking dope. Only costs 5 bucks a month too. (And I ain't gon lie you feel like that absolute shit when you start saying full sentences. My mom will ask me to pass her the milk and I'm like oh you want La Leche? I gotchu" 😅)

  7. She wasn’t great at global citizen yesterday tbh

  8. I still can’t believe I saw Mariah Carey live last night 😭 she was so funny and personable and sounded AMAZING. She even sang Hero!! Such a blessing to hear THEE voice live ❤️

  9. I just saw a TikTok where she brought up 9/11 out of context. Was that the same show?

  10. Yes!! I got the funniest video of that moment, we were all like huhh 😭😭

  11. Yes!! I got the funniest video of that moment, we were all like huhh 😭😭

  12. oooh cool! here are somesome photographic covers that I like:

  13. Hard agree on the Sawayama cover! That alone made me first want to check out her stuff

  14. yeah, which sucks because she had some BOPS. specifically lazybaby and we belong, which can be found on youtube!

  15. Woah I remember lazy baby! Wasn’t that kind of recent? No way she just deleted it omg 😭

  16. I would have to say Lady Gaga. She was on top of the world from 2008-2011, but then ARTPOP changed a lot.

  17. I’m honestly rlly impressed with where Gaga has taken her career. She’s a PRESTIGE actress now and will soon be acting across Joaquin Phoenix. Idk if any other pop artist besides maybe Timberlake has the acting chops to do what she’s doing. Her career is honestly a great example of how to reinvent yourself

  18. First album in Billboard history to spend its first 18 weeks in the top 2. Actually insane how successful this album has been, and it’s not losing steam yet.

  19. Saw my aunt last night and heard her humming Titi me pregunto. He has cross generational appeal I feel like we haven’t seen in a whileee

  20. Wowww she sounds so smooth and confident here. What a vibey relaxing track 🫶🏽

  21. I forgive Nasri for rude because he wrote in don't make it harder on me with chloe x halle

  22. Hearing it live at the chromatica ball gave me a newfound appreciation for it. That song is fun as hell to dance to.

  23. That’s actually a really low audience score! Even something like the generally disliked Eternals movie got 78% RT audience rating.

  24. I LOVED Eternals idc idc like it’s at the top of phase 4 stuff for me

  25. Lucky Daye kinda sounds like Frank Ocean on his feature omg

  26. Also I don’t think these people really apply for these shows. Every time I hear an interview they say they got scouted by a producer on Instagram, lol.

  27. Jarred from season 1. The guys this season aren’t doing it for me.

  28. And I was reading an interview with Tamaris and she was saying that Casey on-camera is WAY different than Casey off-camera. He was 100% only there for some cash and because Nikki thought he was a babe.

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