1. It gave us a diverse cast of Decepticons, major and one-time

  2. Cool. Hopefully Nago can still part swap with the other Geats figures without it looking too disproportionate.

  3. I have a feeling she can. Bandai went into the Geats SHF series with the express intent of replicating the modular aspect of their Rider system, and they wouldn't have released/revealed a Na-Go without anticipating people giving her the Boost Arms/Legs and corresponding Entry Form halves.

  4. 10 right? The 4 base elements, 4 dragon styles, all dragons, infinity

  5. Really! this whole time I thought it had Priority 3, fucks sake don’t I have egg on my colony

  6. I’ve been overly cautious for no reason thinking they had priority 3 this changes everything

  7. What Special Coating kits are under-gated? It would be nifty to have that knowledge on hand

  8. The question you should ask is “which kits are under-gated to start with?”

  9. yeah bring back fuckin Port Base, you bastards

  10. Gonna reply here just as an update: In’s Point floor 2.

  11. Because I have a very predictable sense of humor :D

  12. You mean a PRIMEdictable sense of humor? 😏

  13. Dude coulda chosen anything for the Zetsumetsu Evolution slot and he chose a two-horned dinosaur

  14. Tell me this, how many times have you punched a fly and how many times had that made a difference?

  15. Telling people this for forever. Finally! Another!

  16. Bandai be like: "oh you want an edgy form of Rider? sure, i will make it Tamashii Event Exclusive just like other dark/edgy SHF in 2022"

  17. Lore wise that gun would be very strong. Might not last long, but very strong

  18. The firing rate of a tommy gun or minigun, with the sheer ballistic force of the Beam Magnum in every shot

  19. If only Hiromi got to do more cool shit like this instead of jobbing for the rest of the series.

  20. Technically Evil lost that fight. Demons came out swinging to the point where Evil had to use his finisher to enable his retreat.

  21. "He had a tattoo on his neck... shaped just like this carrot"

  22. Fortnite match that has become a game of among us

  23. Honestly- I'm surprised we haven't gotten SHFs of them at this point. They're all kitbashes of suits we've gotten in the line before, the only new tooling they need is Ginga's hat, the Wizard Mage minion mook thing's head, the Driver Units to sit on top of a static Ziku Driver, Kikai's Wrench face, Quiz' Question Mark crest and Shinobi's Shuriken crest.

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