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when you block traffic

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

Thank you stranger. Shows the award.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

When laughter meets percussion

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

  1. Where are the Republicans here?? I wanna hear from you guys. What makes you like the Republican party today??

  2. Apparently, I'm the only one. I put up a post in this string earlier today, but can't find it now, so I guess it was taken down. Let me say this: I'm not stupid, crass, illiterate, hateful, blind-to-facts, a piece of trash - shall I go on? These comments, and many like them, have been used to describe Republicans. I've got broad shoulders. However, as I said earlier, ya'all need to clean up your own trash before calling me names. Nuff said. Audios.

  3. That's okay, I'm not calling you names. But what makes the republican party attractive today?

  4. It didn't hatch the current White House occupant, who I think is the most incapable "Chief" we've EVER had, and we've had some real doozies, including Repub's. The Republican Party doesn't look for ways to spend $$$ it doesn't have. It doesn't create jobs that aren't necessary - today's radio news has been full of that situation the last couple of days. You get my gist. I don't expect anyone to agree with what I "spew", but what I'm spitting out is where my brain's at. I've been voting conservatively for 58 years and likely won't ever be changing that. Let's put it this way, it'll take some real pushing to get me going along side the Dem. Party. Just sayin'.

  5. I probably already made this comment, but if I did, I can't find it in this string. So, here we go: They're absolutely gorgeous! How nice of them to pose for such a great picture.

  6. The idiot wasn't too aware of his immediate surroundings - i.e., the officer sitting at the light with him. People like that manage to kill people like us. Stinks!

  7. Donald Trump is the greatest President of your lifetime. With any luck he’ll be President again after the 2024 elections.

  8. Gee - how nice to be able to agree with 'one' of the posts in this string other than my own. Thank you, jaldeborgh!

  9. Because of the 'tone' of various comments within this string towards those who select Republican political leaning by those who don't: i.e., "corrupt, criminal attempt" and similar phrases.

  10. Look at all those fine, sharp implements......The body detailing is gorgeous - just sayin'!

  11. How full of holes are your fingers? I guess we DO have to pay the price for those pearly whites.....

  12. When was this? I get that there's a 'wake' being caused but there's obviously flooding that came in before the idiot driving the vehicle. Someplace in China??

  13. There is a Shop in there "Kalba Printing Press"

  14. This box says "What are your thoughts?" Where do I begin?????? Seriously - how stupid can you get?

  15. I saw the 'idiot' - what was he/she thinking? Oh, wait - didn't think....main reason for accidents. Where is this?

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