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  1. And this is mostly to get the mud splatter off the house behind the pot!

  2. 3 people ( Me and my kids) and 1 dog. 1300sqft , 3 bed 2 bath 1 and a half stories.

  3. Bravo!! Way to go for taking the step. I shaved mine off several months ago. It caused my scalp to burn and tingle badly bc of the weight . Not to mention give me migraines. I shaved it off completely and I agree with you, it is very freeing. I’m so proud of you!!

  4. That matters very little. White hoodie/hat & backwards black hat are full patch, based on the great big patches on their backs, and the other black cap talking to bbh the whole time would likely be a prospect based on his lack of any adornments to his vest besides the chapter location. I'm no biker or rebel of any kind, but my bartending career brought me into close contact many times, especially since my first two industry jobs were 81... hangouts?haunts? Idk, but they were no strangers and one of the scariest moments of my life was when I nearly dumped a full buss-tub (overfull container of dirty dishes & ashtrays) on the Sgt. at Arms on my second shift.

  5. My child’s father joined a 1% motorcycle gang several years after we split up ( he passed away but as far as I knew was still in the Prospect phase at the time of his passing).

  6. I'm a lurker going through old video subs, so apologies for the weirdly late comment reply.

  7. No worries, I do the same thing. I’ve commented on something over a year old bc it was new to me.

  8. I just say the truth. I garden a lot. I say I do it to keep my sanity bc I’m medically retired. If they don’t like that, Byeee.

  9. I’m sorry you are experiencing this. I get really itchy from the waist down and very badly on my legs. I will scratch until I bleed, like you mentioned with the cuts and such. It is almost unbearable so I understand and sympathize greatly with you. I have found like the other commenter that epsom salt soaks help a lot. I have weened myself off of most pharma and use diet and herbal ( cannabis) remedies.

  10. I think they are actually quite lovely plants, especially the purples. I grow it as a container plant. But not in a public space, a fatsia would look just as nice.

  11. I am fond of my Le Pouf 7-footer. Very squish.prop it up against a couch for a very supportive sitting position. Makes fantastic sound when my toddler leaps face first onto it

  12. I liken the body discomfort to how it feels after an accident like a car wreck, or falling/rolling down a big hill. Being tackled. I say, you know how when you get hurt , it’s bad on the first day but the second day is usually way worse and you hurt in more places, Likely all over. That’s what it feels like. Sometimes it’s waking up feeling like you had a massive workout the previous day, sometimes it feels like you were hit by a train .

  13. My dad did the same thing for me before I knew how to swim and I almost drowned. I had to be saved by a cousin who jumped in the water.

  14. That sounds awful. I had a similar experience except I was dropped off the edge of a dock into a pond. Sank like a rock, my dad pulled my out by my hair onto the edge of the dock, let me catch me breath and said “now this time swim like a dog” and dropped me back in. I did manage to keep my head above water the second time. Each of my 3 sisters were also taught to swim in the same manner, but I was first so they had a lifeguard. I’m pretty sure my parents were trying to drown at least one of us.

  15. I love that your plants get prime real estate and the TV is an afterthought 😂 very cute place, congrats!

  16. Why thank you. I needed somewhere to put them all for the moment and it seemed like the best space. Plus I have more of them than tv .

  17. Is that a tiny ledge up at the top too?! That’s a really cool plant area- I would have never thought to do that, but it’s awesome!

  18. Yes it is. At first I had empty boxes piled on the fireplace after unpacking the kitchen. The plants were off to the right on the laminate floor. After rearranging more I needed to move the plants, and somewhere more permi-temporary. When I bought the house I knew I was going to have to shop for the space as it is small and uniquely shaped. The tv is one of my kids that’s temporarily downstairs. I also have way more plants than anything else so I found it was a great spot for now. I don’t intend to utilize the fireplace until next winter.

  19. I just finished building the Lego Infinity Gauntlet. It was on sale too! A Lego store just opened near my house and I’m ready to waste all my money on another set.

  20. The infinity gauntlet was my first Lego set I did. It now sits on the dining table and acts as a sort of “mood ring” for our family. Basically you know how some people are feeling depending on how the fingers have been arranged. Sometimes it’s ily, sometimes it’s rock on, sometimes a thumbs up, and sometimes it’s giving you the finger.

  21. My first set was a Lamborghini that sets on the bookshelf in my room then I did the gauntlet. I really want to get the Hogwarts castle but I have nowhere safe to put it without someone, especially my cats, breaking it.

  22. Yes I suppose I’ve gotten started late in life to enjoy the Lego sets. I enjoyed doing puzzles but after a while it was like, what’s the point. I certainly understand the dangers of trying to assemble and cats. I think that was part of my speedy assembly motivation. She would just sit across the table and watch. Only every few minutes did I have to firmly say “Don’t “.

  23. I can’t pick any by just looking at the image. I need to pick them up feel the weight. I like a well balanced utensil.

  24. Just closed today on a 3b/2ba on .81 acres fenced for 235 outside of Richmond,VA. I’m about a 35 min commute but I wanted a more rural/metro area.

  25. Ugh, I had the war with the squirrels and lost. Now I just feed them all, I have designated bird feeders, and designated squirrel feeders. All of them wire strapped to whatever is holding them so the opossums,raccoons, and crows don’t just carry the whole food container away.

  26. My uncle used to have his garden and the crow garden. If he caught crows in his garden he'd run them off and rip a plant out of the crow garden. Before too long, anytime any bird would get too close to his garden the crows would run them off.

  27. That is really interesting. Thank you for sharing that story. Al I know from personal experience is my BIL shot at some crows on their property, and the birds stripped all the chrome or etc pieces off of his vehicle. I also grow other vegetables for myself, and already have a for me and for the bugs section, I just started growing corn for the corns because that is what they seemed more inclined to steal ( I put it out for the squirrels).

  28. I am obsessed with my Don Juan climbing rose. The flowers are such a deep scarlet and the smell is intoxicating.

  29. Toad lily, as everyone has said. Just to note: they are poisonous.Specifically the flowers and pollen ( the whole plant is really, but toxins tend to appear in higher concentrations in the flowers). So while it’s beautiful to look at, I would refrain from touching or smelling.

  30. Spoken like a true person whose anxiety has plants 😊 I didn't know this information at all, so thank you! Also, fantastic username lol

  31. Haha thank you so much about the username. Yeah, my risk assessment need gets the best of me.

  32. I’d say this guy needs a nice dieffenbachia salad, but it wouldn’t stop shit from coming out of his fingers still.

  33. I just got caught on the line where she discusses the beginning of their sexual relationship. It seems they were 22/23 at meeting and the OP had at least had experiences sexually, and the husband was a virgin.

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