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I needed this today

  1. At this point people are turning their favorite anime or random words as their pronouns for attention.

  2. I found a five-leaf clover in the forest when I was a little kid, and then I feel asleep on the ground.

  3. If I confronted them they’d probably change their ways, when I came out as bi to them they did. But if I came out as a femboy it could reach my parents. Why is this stuff so hard ;(

  4. This is why I barely come out as trans to most people at my school, since it could reach my dad (Who is transphobic), but my mom knows and she is cool with it. A couple of my friends really wants me to tell everyone about who I am, and I wish I could, but I cannot do that because of what could happen.

  5. Actually this scam is common. That user clicked on someone else link and the account was stolen and got recovered. Some users don't know why and how that happened even they have access on their account but still sent random links to the server

  6. Yeah, I have seen a couple of my friends fall for this. The hacker would send the links to everyone in their DMs and in all the servers they were in.

  7. How did you even manage to get a patched themeui.dll on an early Windows XP build?

  8. I just replaced the Luna theme file with the 2415 theme file I had. I did it by overwriting it.

  9. 5048 is the only one that is eligible to remove the time bomb using TweakNT, if you want post-reset builds. TweakNT works reliably on most pre-reset builds, if memory serves. 😅

  10. It should all be working fine; if not, you still end up with two neat themes lol

  11. It’s already lab06 in the hex editor, it’s the build which shows labo6

  12. i saw lil bit of gameplay, i think its just sad satan copy made to scare people

  13. Yeah, I think so too. The game also had some Trojans in it, but I was able to remove them and play the game safely.

  14. Mods can we do something about this? It's getting annoying. Actual doppelgangers are ok and fun but this is getting annoying. I've seen several of these posts today where they just post a pic of Danny and say its a doppelganger. It was funny the first time, less funny the next time, and not funny at all now. It's just a karma farm. Maybe this is just me, so if anyone disagrees please downvote this reply so I will stop complaining about it.

  15. Hey, sorry about that but it gets easier. I feels like it's really hit or miss. Some days you will have everyone looking and laughing at you, taking pics etc. and other times nobody will care and someone will give you that accepting nod or even compliment. Don't give up and stay strong!

  16. L- laughing and taking pictures-?? That's the main reason why I sometimes try to avoid being myself in public. But whenever I did dress more feminine, nobody did anything.

  17. It wasn't in my face or anything, they were trying to do it secretly but I noticed. Didn't bother me much since nobody does this publicly where I live, that's just the reality and you gotta live with it. The old folks usually stare the hardest so I just stare at them back and they usually stop xD

  18. Sure! I just hope you're not over like 19 and just please don't be weird. I've already had a past experience of that. Thanks! :3

  19. Yes i went in girl mode the other day and all i got where complements from people

  20. It will probably happen when you least expect it, please take care...

  21. Also trans girls are biologically girls too, the brain is a part of biology and trans people’s brains more align with the gender they end up transitioning to, not the agab. So he hopefully just broke up with you bc he lost feelings but more likely he’s a dick and is invalidating you as a trans girl by saying he wasn’t straight when dating you and broke up w you bc he “turned” straight.

  22. I didn't know an 18-wheeler and a semi-truck were the same thing. I always though a semi-truck was a lighter/smaller version.

  23. This is literally Sad Satan again with worse graphics.

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