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  1. The anti-circumcision crowd has once again filled a reddit thread with warmth, open-mindedness, and not-at-all judgmental attitudes.

  2. But they have been mutilated? What else do you call completely unnecessary removal of a non-consenting party's body part?

  3. It’s not ridiculous though. Your penis really isn’t for yourself. It’s for women that find you attractive enough to reproduce with you. So what women think about your penis is kind of important

  4. Could you list off the body parts you would get mutilated to make girls find you more attractive?

  5. This rude awakening England is about to get is going to fill my heart with so much joy man. They overrate their players so much after playing easy opposition all tournament

  6. What rude awakening? No matter how good our players are, england fans are under no illusions about their propensity for bottling it. Our so-called golden generation achieved nothing close to what these boys have achieved.

  7. The game has a box price and is made my Amazon. Why do you feel the need to give them more money?

  8. Yep. I thought exactly the same when I first started but I thought, hey, this is only temporary, this is just an adjustment period. I'll feel better in a few months.

  9. At this point the average age of the people in this sub has to be about 25 and yet talk and act like 14 year olds from 2012 tumblr. Do you not find it embarrassing?

  10. Pool fans are getting themselves hyped up about Jude getting buddy buddy with the pool players in the England squad, to the point that i hope he announces a move to Everton

  11. Dont get the 'special' attraction to liverpool over anyone else people are making out.

  12. Agreed. Obviously we don't know what he's thinking but as with most high profile players i would imagine man city is the most likely destination. Maybe Newcastle will continue their rise and become an option by the end of the season.

  13. A lot of video games but actually went outside a lot to hang out with friends.

  14. Is it okay to just get rid of all my u20 and u18 staff while I'm making my way to the top flight? I've been in debt ever since I started the save more or less and I'm not gonna be getting anything out of youth development for a while so until I'm actually making money is this fine?

  15. The coordination between the government elites and left leaning tech execs. In essence the left controlled the news and the narrative and potentially swayed voters decisions and the election

  16. Why would Biden's son, a non-politician, getting fucked up and fucking prostitutes sway voters?

  17. I would think a large majority of conservative Christian voter base wouldn’t be psyched about that.

  18. The most annoying thing is I can't hear them but when I watch killcams you can hear your own footsteps so clearly and they must hear them too because they literally track you through the walls and know exactly why you're coming from. It's so infuriating.

  19. I use the Chucky laugh. It works especially well if the opposition are being toxic.

  20. This might seem really obvious but... How do I evaluate which players to get rid of. I feel like im a tad overwhelmed by information.

  21. Go through your tactic and find the best players you have for each role. Then do it again and find a the next best as their backups. From there it's dependent upon your registration rules. If say your max squad size is 25 then that's 22 players and you'll just wanna bring in some people that can fill in multiple positions in a pinch.

  22. Guess we should be happy Richarlison plays with that dumpster fire of a team in the prem lmao

  23. Tomi's inner voice: Tomi, you idiot. You said the quiet part out loud!

  24. I can't remember how it started but I remember some kid I was sorta friends with did or said something that annoyed me so I pulled on the chain he was wearing around his neck. If that's where it ended I would've fully deserved a detention if he told on me because that was a cunty thing to do.

  25. I don't like interacting with people at the best of times, and you want me to be chipper and greet everyone when I first get into work aka the furthest point from when I get to go home again?

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