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  1. I'm gonna go with security guard at haunted cemetery like I did when you posted this same poll a couple days ago except you took that option out this time because everyone chose it last time

  2. Dude she was the monarch of the UK for 70 years. She saw like 15 prime ministers and 14 US presidents during her reign. It's interesting to a lot of people to reflect on her life since she recently died that being said, I didn't know her personally so I'm not shedding any tears for her. I don't understand the people that are just like I didn't understand why everyone was crying over Diana's death in the 90s.

  3. No not unreasonable at all teenagers drive like s***. I wouldn't feel comfortable with one driving my child anywhere

  4. Any response other than "mind your own business bitch" is being too kind

  5. Welcome to the pussification of America's youth. First dodgeball, now tag apparently

  6. Plot twist: the train was home

  7. Plot twist: she didn't give the homeless man anything she made it up for likes

  8. I'm trying to figure out how they know the second meal is for the homeless guy. I'd just be like "no these are both for me" and then give the homeless guy one... what are they gonna do? take it away from him?

  9. You gotta be a pretty big peice of shit to take food out of the mouth of a homeless person.

  10. I'd tell my kid if you need to go to the bathroom get up and go. They don't need permission to use the bathroom from anyone. I dare the school administration to call me about my child using the restroom without permission.

  11. They're all about the UKs Queen dying. You're not missing anything unless you're British

  12. Ghosts aren't real so I'll take the security guard job. Most likely you're just running off teens trying to find a place to smoke weed and fuck.

  13. Clowns can't be scary.. They're for children's birthday parties

  14. I’d stay loyal. One of the few things that follows you throughout life is your integrity, and if I cheated and threw that away then in all of my lowest moments I could never look at myself and think “at least I have that” ever again

  15. Agreed. I know if everything else falls apart the one thing I will still have is a solid marriage. Not going to undermine that even if she would never find out.

  16. Bosses: come back into the office! Its more social! Have a chat with your colleagues! Office bants!

  17. The company I worked for announced that they actually noticed a company wide 20% improvement in productivity when we started WFH so they weren't in any real hurry to get us back to the office. I guess that dropped off 2 years later because now the push is for everyone to be back in the office as normal pre covid

  18. I'd go get some tweezers and pull that out before your finger starts getting inflamed and the pain gets worse

  19. Cici's Pizza...that all-you-can-eat buffett was good for the price it was.

  20. I can think of 3 of these within 15 min of my house. Sucks you don't have them where you live. Sometimes you just want to stuff your face with marginally good pizza

  21. I bet a family member being caught in an undertow and dying might ruin that 4k vacation a little more. Stupid Karen

  22. You seriously need to get some help. You don't like dogs so much you want to kill yourself? How old are you? You mentioned saving up money to move out. My guess is an adult child still living in your parents house. Move out. It's not that difficult. If you can't afford it go get a better or second job. Or here's an idea... a roommate.

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