1. I suspect YoY is a more important metric due to monthly fluctuations in purchasing habits.

  2. Not really. Dynamics of markets change.

  3. Year over year is a much more common metric in the auto industry because auto sales are quite seasonal over time. January is not typically a big sales month.

  4. In a world where everything was stable, maybe that added value. Over the past 3-5 years we have moved into a world of supply chain shortages, catastrophes, war and blockages and now trade wars too, and transition to a structural shift towards electrification, with steadily changing picture tax incentives and implications, and changing availability to infrastructure that can make a car a viable sale or not.

  5. For $1000 you could go full surround with nice speakers. Definitely start with a good sub and L-R mains and go from there.

  6. Full surround, for his mp3 streamed over Bluetooth? For real?

  7. That's precisely why he should keep his speeding to a minimum. Burning a thousand bucks on listening to Mp3 by bluetooth is utterly pointless.

  8. He worked for that outlet more recently than the NYT, which fired him. So it fits.

  9. So much integrity in one place. With unswerving virtue like that, it doesn't even matter whether he's right or wrong about anything. We must admire him regardless!

  10. You have had nothing to say on the actual content the journalist has written. No dissection of his analysis. Probably because you're incapable.

  11. OK vatnik, let's let Russia do more war crimes to avoid inflammation.

  12. Hi its unfortunate if you cannot manage to articulate your case without resorting to where you are at the moment, which is purely babble.

  13. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20180814-norways-plan-for-a-fleet-of-electric-planes

  14. It’s absolutely worthwhile for zBiden’s “donors” in oil and gas and war industries, and for the Ukrainian oligarchs that paid Biden’s son for um…what were his qualifications again ?

  15. There is no data in this claim.

  16. Yes Prince. And Steve wonder. Geniuses.

  17. The “rank” is less relevant than his absolute totals for threat, then you take that number per 90 mins. If he is still showing among the top players there on that measure….then he has goals imminent, regardless of the Twitter chitter chatter.

  18. “Straight out of camera” jpg is almost meaningless when you have HDRon the iPhone and can one-click on the image to retouch it.

  19. “…, There have been a lot of complaints so far that the HP2 is lacking bass and sounds 'tinny'. I will agree that the HP2 may be lacking a bit in the mids, but I feel this was intentional to differentiate between dialog and action within a movie. The HP2 has more detail in the highs and still packs a punch in the lows without becoming 'muddy'….”

  20. The only political agenda diversity it should have is humanism and equality.

  21. I have to take my iPhone to the Apple Store today so they can update its OS. What are we, barbarians?

  22. Your iPhone is basically a toy. And if it’s bricked it goes in your own pocket to the repair shop as plan B. As per your support agreement.

  23. My exact thoughts, cars get recalled all the time, EV or not, it's just the way it is. This one will have a load of Tesla tribespeople saying haha no OTA. Then a Tesla steering wheel will fall off again and a different set of tribespeople can leap on them (probably saying something VERY clever about steering wheels not being an OTA fix)

  24. Thread title lacks pertinent enough information. The post itself utterly useless.

  25. A “synth” is a computer. And that is the size computers were back then.

  26. Colonialists do what colonialists do. And they stick together. While pointing fingers at others.

  27. Poised to break humanity through embracing ultracapitalism , he means.

  28. I reserved a G9 in the Netherlands. I'm looking for an electric SUV with a high seating position.

  29. What’s the cost to replace a broken windshield with embedded screen?

  30. This is the kind of ethical standards we want in infrastructure?

  31. A lack of awareness on someone’s part could be the case. In an acute case the unaware could misperceive uncomfortable truths as “trolling”.

  32. This is a bizzare cherry picking of data.

  33. I’ve enjoyed the sound of Etymotics but none of them have lasted more than two years for me.

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