1. I know someone said Sydney posted and deleted, but she does not strike me as someone who would be upset about roe being overturned. She’s always been very sus to me with that stuff especially when she had her phase of playing worship music a bit too much on tik tok

  2. Just got our results! Turns out that our little Clark is not quite as exotic a mix as your pup, but they do share American Pit Bull and Corgi roots, which I expected. There was no way that sploot was going to be anything other than Corgi, ha.

  3. Omg he so cute!! I love how diverse he is!! I don’t want to see in negative breed comments about him either…

  4. Everyone here is so nice! I posted him in the embark Facebook group and those people were sooooo mean for no reason😅

  5. Holy crap that is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!

  6. Love seeing the 10% Catahoula! My favorite breed 🥰

  7. The besttttt!!! We have 2 low rider catahoulas now, totally by mistake😂 I guess that’s what you get when you rescue in Texas!

  8. I don't even know what the heck a Catahoula is.

  9. Funny thing is, we have another low rider dog who is a catahoula basset mix! They’re actually second cousins apparently, we love us some catahoula!!!

  10. I've been seeing a lot of 2 week turnarounds lately.

  11. Sydney Adams is slowly becoming this for me. She’s not quite my BEC yet but she’s on her way there lol. I don’t think I’ll ever unfollow her though because she provided a lot of inspo for me to get back into the gym, idk

  12. I agree with Sydney. I like that she glamorizes the little things, but it’s to the point where either she’s internally compensating for something or just buys stuff and returns it so she makes money off the links.

  13. Same for ours. I had no clue. I can see the ACD, Pitbull, and shepherd in mine for sure, but the Pekingese and chow were a surprise. I can see why the rescue thought corgi, though. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a chow chow in real life, but we’re far northern US and our dog is originally from Texas.

  14. Did you post this on Facebook too? Either that or someone has your dogs twin lol. My hound plus other random breeds looks similar in the face but taller

  15. gaaaaaaaaah - the stumpitude is so delicious!!

  16. I think they should, but not to the point of misinformation. Some of these influencers aren’t exactly the brightest, so I think finding a reputable source and directing followers that way is a great way to go about that!! Unless of course they are legal professionals or have experience on the topic, then they should be sharing all they know

  17. Can’t you tell? Life is so hard for her being so tiny that she has to wear an xs 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  18. This looks like a newborn with a dull wood pencil executed a poorly drawn outline of grimace the milkshake man from McDonald’s

  19. Uh.. does chicken cutlet know that implants aren't filled with milk? And that they don't make you produce it either? Because I'm not sure homegirl is on the same page as us...

  20. Yeah she’ll do anything for a check. It’s sad and so obvious - like let’s at least donate our money to a good cause or something….but no instead she uses her extra money to buy outrageous things for herself. She’s probably one of the most self centered people I’ve ever seen online, the bitch doesn’t even hide it.

  21. 💯💯 she really doesn’t hide it yet some how she is perceived as a super down to earth person lolllll

  22. Granted these are the type of people that will never know anything other than doing things solely for themselves, it’s gotta be a very empty existence. People will see through her eventually and she’ll ride off into the sunset having done nothing of true substance or value for society:/

  23. I think Maya looks gorgeous but looks more relatable.

  24. This!!! Sadly I found myself looking up places to get a breast augmentation after watching a few episodes - I had to remind myself that this isn’t the standard and took a break from watching for a little😅 the show’s focus on beauty and status (however fabricated that status may be) is really so harmful and even gets to even the most self-assured women at times

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