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  1. In Jesus Name Amen! This is the truth I must keep reminding myself!

  2. I know I need Jesus more than ever, I want to be more like Jesus and less like the world, I know I'm a sinner deserving of Hell but Jesus has died on the cross for my sins and took the punishment that I deserve, I need to be more grateful to Him.

  3. Agreed. It’s insane how I can still sin and be so ungrateful but Jesus is still standing their right next to me just telling me to take his hand. We must surrender to his hand. We will never understand him all the way but he is gracious and he lets us understand enough that he loves us and is our salvation. Our eternal satisfaction that only him, the father God and the Holy Spirit of God can give

  4. What you said about how it's insane that we still sin and be so ungrateful yet Jesus is still standing there right next to us telling us to take his hand really had me thinking, I know I need to develop a stronger relationship with Him and to overcome my sinful temptations, in the end I do feel sad about me living a sinful lifestyle and want to be a better servant for God.

  5. It was built in 1995 and has gotten at least three times the amount of business today as it was in 1995 due to the population increase, they recently went through a remodel late last year.

  6. I remember our manager was very persistent about us doing the stupid top of the hour conditioning tasks, I personally thought they were a passive aggressive form of micromanagenet.

  7. I noticed he started having facial hair towards the end of the Violator tour.

  8. Azul Tequila is my go to. But - what is ‘best’? House mix? Cointreau vs Triple Sec? Your question is a little broad.

  9. Because they're tricked into thinking that Kroger is a better company to work and shop for than Walmart, they're oblivious to the actual truth as to what kind of company Kroger really is.

  10. That's a very vague question. Highly dependent on what they did.

  11. A tie between the one on Palm Valley Blvd in Round Rock or the one on Slaughter Lane and Escarpment Blvd, I find it interesting that the Slaughter & Escarpment Blvd location is much nicer than the one on Slaughter & Menchaca.

  12. Okay, but what’s your favorite H-E-B in Austin?

  13. The one on Slaughter Lane and Escarpment along with the one on Palm Valley Blvd in Round Rock.

  14. Haha, what? Who in the world has a "favorite" walmart

  15. I know people have a favorite Target store in Austin, I thought why not Walmart.

  16. Was so disappointed as a kid that this song wasn't included on the Wayne's World soundtrack.

  17. Don't you hate it when that happens? I remember that's how I've felt about After the Fire's "Der Kommissar" not appearing on the Wedding Singer soundtrack.

  18. I am those types of people and everyone thinks it's weird, they think i have ulterior motives, it sucks for the most part

  19. It's really unfortunate some people think those who are very nice and compassionate have ulterior motives, I do think there are still some kind, genuine people out there in this world who cares a lot for others.

  20. I've totally forgotten all about Marvin Harrison Smith, he is definitely one of my most hated predators, I don't think I can handle reading his chatlog, I agree Donald Morrison is a real manipulative POS and he got arrested 6 years later for looking up photos of children at a public library

  21. I read part of Marvin Smith's chatlog and it was very long and very bad. I don't really understand how his family or church community could defend him after that, I am Baptist and that chatlog went against pretty much every value the Baptist church I attended growing up promoted.

  22. I also find it very hard to believe that his family or church community would defend him for that either, I wouldn't feel sorry if they've disowned him and wanted nothing to do with him, I don't know if I want to have Smith's access to his chatlog or not, I don't feel sorry for him getting a stiff prison sentence (he deserved a lot more prison time than Gerald White IMO)

  23. I agree the long version of "The Message" is the one that matters, I won't listen to the edited version of that song.

  24. I find it interesting that in John 3:16 all of those who believe in Jesus will have Eternal Life and then in Matthew 7:21 not all of those who say "Lord, Lord" will be saved.

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