1. Chicko Chicken is an absolute gem for Korean Fried Chicken. I was so happy to see somewhere this good and authentic existing in Kelowna!

  2. There’s a new Korean chicken place in lower mission….. anyone try it yet? Just south of mission creek on Lakeshore.

  3. I don't see it on Google maps. Got a name for it?

  4. ****** Chicken. Sorry. I can’t remember. Just go south over mission creek on lakeshore, it would be 100m down on your left in the same plaza as starbucks.

  5. They are lovers and refuse to participate in the bullshit. They stay in space and refuse to come back to earth.

  6. I heard Jonathan Coulton added his two cents to this debate.

  7. Nope. I'm not missing the point at all.

  8. My post is not going to crush any local business, I'm just not that powerful...yet

  9. I also like the raptors. It makes me happy to watch them win.

  10. Searching this lunatic, looks like he’s dead. Oh well. That’s a part of life I guess.

  11. That’s a professional way of committing criminal code section 264.1(1)(b).

  12. Pretty sure this wouldn’t be viewed as an actual threat. Rather, a humorous way of suggesting the other person shouldn’t do it again.

  13. Build me a coin, blockchain verified but created by our fiat, not mined. And find me an account not already blocked from posting on

  14. I got mine for saying no one voted for biden, America voted against trump.

  15. Yeah, those treason weasels are pretty easy to hurt emotionally.

  16. It’s almost like crypto is a scam…. almost….

  17. It’s a common idea, but I’m pretty sure we should allow this post. In fact, every time there is a school shooting in the US, this post should be up.

  18. Thanks Conservatives for reminding everyone what absolute pieces of crap they are.

  19. Was that Yassir Arafat in the picture by the stairs?

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