1. This image hits right in the feels. Games hit different back then and it feels there was so much more variety and creativity, mostly because gaming was just getting started and getting bigger and more innovative. Less mainstream focus too, games were created more for fun instead of trying to please everyone.

  2. They didn't. People set their expectations on what leakers tell them and then act like IW always says things when they never did.

  3. They DID in the launch blogpost a week before release. Since it was taken out for legal reasons it means it is NOT new content and instead returning content. It has no place to market this as new DLC content when it's not. That would be a cheap way to have to release less content

  4. yes, hope they will be 2 map and museum is just a return ... but i dream so hard

  5. Ì'm hoping two ORIGINAL maps, 1 remake and Museum. That would be a Season that can we call good.

  6. Good news, just need MORE maps and Museum DOES NOT count Infinity Ward! Sadly they will count it as new and screw us even harder

  7. It's gonna be a remaster like that CoD4 one we had a few years ago.

  8. I would love a seperate from MWII remaster of the original MW2 multiplayer with maybe a very small amount of changes like the One Man Army not resupplying grenade launchers.

  9. More engaging live services? Never has been enaging lmao, just dripfeeding less and less every year and recycling even more

  10. Good old Infinity Ward not giving a fuck about us and not even caring to consider our feedback either.

  11. Spawn system is really bad and spawns you way too often near enemies

  12. I would love to see this back, including Specialist streaks too

  13. And why wasn't it in the game from start? Why dripfeed content like this? It was in MW3 like 10 years ago and they will say this is "new content"

  14. Because that is sadly the reality we are living in. Every live service game does the same thing. Battlefield does it. Halo does it. Destiny did it and so on.

  15. I really hope this also includes Specialist streaks but I doubt it... I miss them so much.

  16. I don't care about Gunfight if we get more than 2 maps with 2 of them being original maps

  17. Lmao Infinity Ward would be able to pull this shit off

  18. At this point Infinity Ward has to believe Shipment is what MWII is all about and nothing more lmao.

  19. It's insane to me how they butchered such a strong Multiplayer foundation so badly. All we want is proper content support and actual NEW maps to play with some remakes in the mix (not the other way around). They had the most beloved name in the franchise and could have done such a good mix between classic MW2 maps and new original MWII maps (which are pretty good / fun too). Biggest waste of potential I have ever seen and it pisses me off so much because I really want NEW content to play since I enjoy the core so much.

  20. Considering that it looks like Seasons are longer and that we will be getting only 5 of them, that's quite disappointing. Means we will get probably 10 maps, making total of 20.

  21. Barely exceeding launch maps totals of the classic games

  22. This game should be renamed because the name is becoming a disgrace to the legacy of the OG MW2

  23. The Multiplayer team and Infinity Ward in general should be a shamed of themselves! Wtf are the MP devs even doing over there???

  24. They have Warzone Nuke and Win emblems but not for a MP Nuke.. The developers are designing everything with the worst players in mind..

  25. Because they don't care about actual rewards and multiplayer anymore. Only care about store bundle purchases.

  26. You seem to be going back to the COD titles of last generation (XB1/PS4). They are not the classics we are talking about and it seems you are only comparing the games to Modern Warfare Remastered and the other PS4 games. Since PS4 does not have backwards compatibility like Xbox does, it means you haven't played the original MW2, BO1, MW3 and BO2. Those are the classics we are talking about and those offer significantly more and better experiences than the current games. If you want to know more, you should watch reviews from Ch0pper on Youtube why it was more than just nostalgia.

  27. Neuville is Taraq lol. But I agree, it is a shame Infinity Ward is doing such a disservice to the fans and the name that is MW2. The least they could have done was launch Season One with a banger by including some classic MW2 maps since they are already in Al Mazrah while also providing something new and fresh compared to Shoot House and Shipment. Such a big L

  28. Too much effort lol. If they had to do this for all blueprints they will charge $100 per bundle. I miss the variants from the Advanced Warfare or Modern Warfare Remastered games.. They looked so much better and were always visually represented no matter the attachments. I go as far as to say MWR did variants the best way and found the perfect middle ground between creativity and fitting the aesthetic.

  29. Such an amazing reward that Infinity Ward provided for the dedicated MP players

  30. I know, I said I already cleared those as possible reasons for the hitching

  31. If they even have the nerve to market it as nee Season 02 we will riot

  32. Do you even know why it was taken out in the first place? Chill dude.

  33. I know, doesn't mean they market it as new content when we already played it in the beta

  34. Please remove this post before IW decides to nerf them again

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