1. That’s a large part of modern “journalism”. Basically reposting from reddit, youtube, and twitter, and adding needless explanations and ads/paywalls.

  2. because that's exactly what they wanted from us in English class. #practicehowyouplay

  3. Definitely, but as far as advice for new players I think getting the rhythm of deflecting and keeping pressure is more important than getting wrapped up in consumables and prosthetics

  4. Your random numbers do nothing to refute my point. I play every role, adc the most. So you one tricks can fuck off, always assuming I'm similarly miserable and that I can't have an opinion regardless.

  5. they fucked over mundo right after his big spike too, it's almost like without cc your champ is also irrelevant

  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/RQ1gQt69dgzwhOmON0

  7. How about we talk about how 1000 people are PAY-WALLED FROM BEING ABLE TO SEE!?!

  8. How do you like the shit on that boot huh buddy? I'm sure you're a corporate shill but on the off chance you're just high on corporate propaganda let me let you in on a little secret. You're being severely underpaid for your labour.

  9. He's fearful that working class people are waking up and seeing how much they've been screwing us over for decades. This should have been expected by them and, frankly, it's overdue.

  10. 1972 they've been stealing our economy and our wealth since 1972

  11. no she doesn't, break down where she lives and her pay and I'll show you how the west coast is DESTROYING the value of her labour.

  12. political doscpurse and massive public dissent is where we are. Noss being a dick? never return to work again, don't tell him about it. The economy is going to tank so hard that all of this struggle is going to look like child's play. There is no sanctuary for you and me, not for the poor. The second we realize this the moment we realize that our childhood gave us many lessons.

  13. You had a good point until "the dumb fuck uneducated hillbillies". As someone who lives in a rural area the general consensus here is "I want as little government as possible". Whether you see it or not Americans are fed the fuck up with the way things are and we all want change. I've adapted a "us vs them" mindset and that's really helped.

  14. The octogenarians who refuse to give up power in this country will end up radicalising its youth against them. This will be akin the the Roman republics fall

  15. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this in my middle age years. I'm an auto technician. I make 50ish an hour. The shop makes 140 an hour when they sell one hour of my labor. So I do all of the work and get less than half of the money. Yes, there is overhead, but they also make ridiculous money on parts markups which I see no part of. If the techs stopped working, NO ONE would make money at the shop.

  16. it is like that in every industry. Who will build the houses? Who will make the fast food? An idea is great.

  17. I build a boat, you've got some goats to trade for boat, we trade. Money (capital) was never exchanged. Only goods and the labor required to produce those goods (boats) or keep them maintained (goats)

  18. I want to know where this is and I want to let you in on a secret... UNIONIZE. RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. You have ALL the power and employees run the grocery store, not your manager. If everyone walks out wtf are they gonna do?

  19. I agree ragnarok has too much difficulty scaling in its side missions

  20. Did you revolt against the system? No? Then there's your problem. Why would they ever be afraid of the consequences if there aren't any?

  21. This is the correct action, we are beyond words. We must take back our homeland from these entitled selfish pricks who HAVE STOLEN OUR ECONOMIC LIVELIHOODS.

  22. My company (10k employees) made $5 BILLION last year. For a company anniversary gift they gave us a choice of a Yeti tumbler, two stemless wine glasses, a paperweight or a keychain.

  23. Looks like you guys should unionize and ciutyour bosses pay down from 350x what you guys are making to about 10x. After all, if every worker in the company quit what would the CEO be able to do? He doesn't produce anything

  24. I mean... if you're a drummer, and you and your band perform a lot, the window of opportunity sure is wide.

  25. bro I do this shit ALL THE TIME, click on or fucking up it doesn't matter lol

  26. They also have homes and go to sleep, or did we all forget that?

  27. I would burn the Quran out of love for my homosexual brothers and sisters who are oppressed and murdered daily by Muslims using the Quran as a basis across the world. In fact I'm going to burn one today.

  28. I'll burn one for you. For all the women murdered in Iran for not wearing an oppressive sheet

  29. Some people think they're sticking it to the man by not tipping. But those people are dipshits, and they're only punching down.

  30. then punch up and close the sadistic monopolies. Refuse to work for less than $20. If everyone stopped working for a week they would be eating out of our hands.

  31. Seriously, right? I don’t understand the scream at the perp approach. Do cops not get trained at all in de-escalation? If all of a sudden I’ve got guys in riot gear screaming at me god only knows how I’d react. I mean I’d definitely piss myself, but the rest of my actions are unpredictable.

  32. remember if police Pont guns at you YOU have to remain calm and act perfect while they're allowed to panic and kill you because stress. The war has already started and the occupying army must be removed

  33. Then you’d have a move of people on you like white on rice. Then be all over the paper seeing hitting a defenseless and fragile woman who might as well be crippled. Then she right a book about her abuser and how she felt like you were trying to rape her.

  34. break her jaw anyways, anyone else's that touches you as well. I believe in the unalienable right to self defense against all foes

  35. The issue is that people who are 0/10 and stealing camps aren't going to care they are getting reduced gold. I see baron laners ALL the time get smite and those type of players don't give a single fuck.

  36. jeez what idiots, riot really did just let this game die huh?

  37. But at the same time we really don't need 8 billion people. It's unsustainable with our current technology and cultures.

  38. No, don't be lied to. We have enough to feed and take care of THE ENTIRE WORLD but about 2000 people around the world think that people in 3rd world countries should starve so that they can role-play as gods.

  39. Learn woodworking and blacksmithing. Take up a hobby crafting bespoke patio furniture with a macabre theme. Take a lesson from French history.

  40. joining and realizing that if you aren't rich, then we're all one big family regardless of Any colour or gender differences they try and force on us to divide us

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