1. I have several problems with this statement, and I don’t know where to begin dissecting it.

  2. Oh my god that spider is so round, looks like a gummy or a fruit. So cute.

  3. Definitely cover. They need a lot of room to wriggle backwards and would just get stuck.

  4. I tought you said head cannon instead of head canon

  5. I personally just think of Rush n Ambush as floating heads imo, but your interpretation is really cool! (Also, vent rooms must be a pain then)

  6. That's a perfectly valid interpretation! My idea is Rush nyooms past vent rooms because it just goes, well, nyoom and Ambush has terrible peripheral vision so it doesn't notice you hiding in the vents.

  7. I like silly beast people where they actually look like beasts, why’d they have to over-sexualize it :(

  8. Get some "plastic canvas" or similar, roll it up like a cinnamon roll, stick it in there and let it expand into the hole to fill it better.

  9. It might be hard to see but there’s a “|” before the “<“ making a k. Basically they used weird text to spell out “kys”

  10. Awww I didn’t see the “not yet” option so I voted no. Just throw away my vote lol

  11. Hopefully you don’t mind me asking but what is it like to read books without seeing anything in your imagination? Just curious.

  12. I mentioned in a different comment that my imagination is essentially a narration of an outline for a book. So when I'm actually reading a book it's kinda like I'm putting together the outline. Listing all events of the plot, characters, arcs, etc until the book is over and I have the full outline. Being honest I can struggle while reading authors who are very descriptive, Robert Jordan or GRRM. They will go into super long paragraphs describing something that doesn't matter to the plot and I catch my mind wandering constantly. Many times having to go back and reread to ensure I didn't miss something important. But this doesn't affect my enjoyment too much, after all my favorite series is ASoiaF.

  13. Weevilfriend is still alive and moving around! I found it on the wall this morning. Should I take it outside?

  14. That’s fine and valid, I just meant that it’s also ok to wait until you’re in a safer/more welcoming environment before doing so.

  15. Just pointing out that you don’t “have to” come out as anything to anyone unless you want to and feel it’s the right place and time.

  16. Nope they're omnivores. If a fish dies your mystery snail will clean it up in no time. They are bottom feeders and eat a varied diet in the wild.

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