1. It should have replaced The Idol, half way through the first episode and I have no idea why they green light it.

  2. Lots of Subreddits going dark/shutting down for a couple days in protest of Reddits policy regarding 3rd party use of their API going into effect on July 1st. The policies will practically kill the possibility of any 3rd party apps for browsing due to ridiculously gouged prices.

  3. Some a couple of days, others are gonna stay closed indefinitely until the admins adequatly address the problem.

  4. Are they finally fighting back against us ruining their habitat? Good for them.

  5. Momma got injured by the propeller blade of a boat, so it's taught the kiddies to start attacking ships.

  6. "You know they have green naked women in space. And 6ft tall warrior women with two sets of..."

  7. People using old reddit and RES: Look at these idiots paying for an app to watch free content.

  8. They could've just bought one of the 3rd party apps and rebranded it to their own.

  9. Bin laden was part of the Saudi Royal family.

  10. Yeah, and his idea of teenage rebellion (being the 15th in a family of fourteen siblings) was to go Radical Jihadist and launch attacks against his family's financial partners in the US

  11. While being funded by the Saudi government, and a lot of the rest of the family.

  12. Yep, still supports him even after he lost in 2020 (which was rigged obviously /s ).

  13. Well, that article was a ride. Biting allegations, racism in the writing room, showrunners out of control, diva vs. diva allegations of the stars, but ultimately a lot of conjecture and no concrete examples.

  14. A lot of nasty stories have been revealed from this book, toxic and racist atmospheres made by the writers and showrunners on this series as well as "LOST" and "SNL" (along with an account of an underage intern being raped by one the cast who was allowed to prey on her for two years)

  15. Which is such a shame. Dial back the humor a few notches, use that runtime to show more Jane or Gorr and you have yourself a pretty decent movie

  16. Or maybe yet... give it MORE of a runtime. They literally had to shove all that in under two hours. And still meet the constrained release date.

  17. The name change makes sense. If I remember correctly, weren’t there concerns about the name “New World Order” and its links to Nazi ideologies, or something like that?

  18. No, the title just riled up all the rightwing psychos who believe in conspiracy bullshit.

  19. Well then is Matterhorn back open? I was devastated to find it under refurbishment when I visited a few weeks ago!

  20. I was so mad that my visit last month was when they decided to refurbish Matterhorn.

  21. Well yeah not shocking. AI writing is terrible

  22. It's not the quality networks care about... it's the prospect that they can skip paying any writers.

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