1. I don't feel any sympathy, and I don't feel any pity. I'm literally just rolling my eyes at the profound stupidity summoned by this trio.

  2. Omg I’m married and would say this about my dog. She’s been there for 10 and my husband has been here for 5. That bitch really knows everything about me and has seen me be an emotional basket case her whole life lol she’s the bestest girl

  3. My husband would 100% say that about our dog and he’s correct lol

  4. While #2 is my absolute fave from this lot of pics, I love these pics from the first outfit look of Kourt and Scott - they looked so happy :') Tumblr me would've ate these up:

  5. That blouse in 3 was amazing. I rem she wore it on the show twice. The second time was when Scott was attempting to propose at a restaurant

  6. Not sure how much I agree with this but Ye literally loves thrift shops. Like a massive chunk of his cloths is 2nd hand thrift shop graphic tees. Look how many throwback shirts he has lol. I just assumed that is what was going for. Like you go in rummage around find something cool and buy it.

  7. Has anyone mentioned the Mark Wahlberg interview where he bragged how he would've saved the plane from terrorists on 9/11 and then later had to apologize for it:

  8. He really had to mention he’d be in first class? 🙄

  9. Can’t believe noone has said Charlie. I loved him

  10. When he walks out of the bedroom naked in the background of Catherine’s doc 😂

  11. He’s trying to convince her to cut her hair in a bob

  12. I know it’s a tv show, but is freezing eggs typically affordable for college students?

  13. No it’s expensive as fuck. Just to retrieve the eggs let alone the storage

  14. How dare you?! Don’t you know she can make her own almond milk? She’s so talented 😅

  15. I’m sober but I think this would really bother Kourt. Esp knowing her kids would have another blood sibling that isn’t connected to her. But I think overall Scott doesn’t feel like dealing w kids again esp now that it’s “easier” bc they’re older-ish

  16. Do you guys think she feels the emotion of embarrassment?

  17. So true because I had the same exact reaction when I first tried anejo (different brand obviously) it was horrific ugh like how can anyone enjoy that and it was a small sip too.

  18. 2. Can you do sleeves for ceremony and strapless for reception?

  19. I work as a waitress and always wear wild eye make up, i get a lot of men complimenting me with ‘nice eyeshadow’ and its never creepy. I usually just like that they’re enthusiastic about my colourful eyelids

  20. Lol I clicked on your page hoping to see if some cool looks in a make up sub or something

  21. Damn. I literally got my first tattoo partly because of Goodbye Horses. I hope she is really flying now...

  22. Anyone remember those commercials for cereal in bags? It had the old guy going down the aisle crouched down to find the “good” bagged cereal

  23. He got what he wanted .. everyone is talking about it and reporting on it

  24. Howard has full control of them. He only releases approved clips

  25. Didn’t Scott post a pic of the three of them with some weird caption about it

  26. Usually it only covers x amount of credits per semester. And it will only cover specific classes

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