1. How much are you putting down? $10k appraisal gap isn’t helpful really. We put in one offer in NJ, cash, under ask so it didn’t work.

  2. I wonder if it’s sex related seeing how Zach insisted on not being intimate as bach. Wonder if he was upset at Rachel for it. (But don’t know if I remember that situation well for this to be possible)

  3. It’s possible he said he didn’t want to sleep with her unless they were engaged and she was put-off by it.

  4. I don’t know… he had sex with Gabi sans engagement

  5. Yeah but he seems like the to think that’s okay because she wasn’t seeing anyone else, whereas Rachel was still dating/potentially sleeping with other guys.

  6. She doesn’t believe in the process. She literally said Zach wouldn’t have made her go through with the final rose ceremony if he actually cared about her. Why would producers make her the lead when she is openly dissing the entire point of the show?

  7. Yup, she seems difficult and wanted to keep things from TPTB.

  8. I’m interested as to how this was released the next day… when others take months. I applaud these officers, I don’t care who or what you are… you target an elementary school, you deserve this.

  9. Tennessee is a state that is fairly united politically so it gets things done faster.

  10. Meh, I have big ole fake boobies and unless I’m running, I have no issues working out in minimal support sports bras.

  11. Same, unless I am running I don’t need a high support bra. Hair down drives me nuts but I am the same way while working at my desk.

  12. It’s not an infliction. They’re literally consenting women. Consenting to a child doesn’t entitle a salary. As long as the children’s itemized expenses are covered, what’s the issue?

  13. They are consenting but the children aren’t consenting to share all these half-siblings and have everyone know about it.

  14. I get the feeling he’s happy to give them enough that they don’t have to work and can devote their time to taking care of the children. The bigger issue is what will they do when their children are grown and Nick had moved on to his 50th new set of kids and moms. No more support, formal or informal, no career or marketable skills, no social security when they are older since they didn’t have a job and weren’t married to him.

  15. I’m on team want prices to go down despite owning a home myself.

  16. I think a lot of homeowners don’t get that their house might be worth more but they end up paying more for everything because housing is more expensive and a huge driver of inflation.

  17. Part of it is local. Like on the other sub there is a thread today where someone is lamenting about the bidding wars and wondering when it will stop. Another poster points out that for the OPs county the median home price is only 2x the median income. So if you live somewhere like that you shouldn’t expect declines because many people can afford those prices. I don’t think markets like that will see a pop.

  18. It all comes down to employment. It doesn’t matter how much you were making if you are unemployed.

  19. I think he knows he's not a nice guy but he's trying desperately to hide it. He wants to be seen as the nice guy, but he doesn't want to do the work of learning how to actually be empathetic and kind.

  20. With stuff like dating you can’t really be nice without being fake. He clearly was more attracted to Kaity and while he really liked Gabi and had a stronger emotional connection with her, he was just more into Kaity. I think he was honestly worried that Kaity was too hot for him and Gabi made him feel safer. I think that’s why he had sex with her, to see if that made him feel more attracted to her and it didn’t work as soon as they weren’t together.

  21. not a negative towards kaity at all, everyone on the bachelorette is attractive, but I'm actually shocked someone would think kaity is "too hot" and Gabi is the "safe" choice. I think Gabi is way hotter and kaity gives big girl next door energy tbh

  22. They are both gorgeous but very different. I got the feeling with Zach’s preference towards Rachael and his first date with Christina that he was into petite blondes with big boobs. I believe TPTB knew this and hoped his attraction to Christina would override her dealbreaker of having a kid. Instead, Zack wanted her gone ASAP so she wouldn’t become a distraction. I also wonder if Zach’s family preferred Kaity and they didn’t show it. I think Gabi is more type A and while she is tight with her family a lot of other tight knit family’s don’t want to have to share their only brother.

  23. whqats crazy tho is steve received one of the most dramatic messages I've ever heard of during our interview. Its his story to tell not mine, and probably too dramatic for him to share. Lets just say his dm's must be WILD. I've always said I'd watch a Reality Steve biopic staring Jessie Eisenberg. I dont know why it has to star Jessie E but it does.

  24. I honestly think they need to bring Steve on paradise and have him be the foil anti hero to Jesse Palmer. Like he just walks in and says so and so has a gf back home or someone isn’t being upfront about taking to someone else.

  25. If you read what OP described, that’s likely not what is happening here. Close to 6 months on market and chasing the price down is not pricing low to draw bids.

  26. We were in this situation- it wasn’t 6 months but house had been on for 3 months and already had one offer fall through with inspections. They didn’t tell us there were other bids just said we were too low and we asked them to counter. They refused and then just pulled some nest and final with a few hour window and went with another bid.

  27. Let people with low mortgage rates roll their loan into a new property for the same amount. New loans and additional amounts can be at new rates.

  28. If we get rid of legal on street parking we’ll still have cops’ and their buddies’ personal vehicles everywhere.

  29. Don’t park on the sidewalk is a pretty clear rule.

  30. I don’t get why the NYPD doesn’t have a central park ring lot where the cops can drop of their personal vehicle and pick up their cops car. Or just ferry cops to their precinct.

  31. People are convinced Nayte has a girlfriend that he is hiding. Considering how Deandra was treated for hanging out with him, I don't blame him one bit.

  32. Gfs are hard or hide - someone would see them out together. I also don’t think he’s that into being in a relationship. More likely he had a fwb before the show and they were back on the minute he ended it with Michelle.

  33. This sub when Tino has a new girlfriend: “😊 good for him, happy he can move on”

  34. Eh, totally different scenarios. Rachel broke up with Tino ATFR so they were never really a couple out in the real world. Yeah, he cheated but also she was blowing hot and cold on him for whatever reason they wouldn’t disclose. Michelle and Nayte actually made it through the honeymoon phase. He pulled the plug right as she ended her job and they just spent a lovely time together thinking it was all great and she was clearly blindsided. If you love someone you sincerely prep them that you aren’t sure where you stand before doing a break up.

  35. That was part of the plan. Interesting thing is. If Biden wanted or Democrats wanted to they could run on tax cuts. Give them to the middle class and raise taxes on top earners. But I don’t think they are smart enough to do that.

  36. They are smart enough to know the middle class won’t donate to their campaigns and without campaign funds they can’t win.

  37. While I get what you're saying with PACs and Super PACs, it's really not true considering Sanders raised nearly 100m with an average contribution of $18

  38. Yeah but he didn’t get elected for president. VT is a small highly educated state. Obama raised a decent amount as well but still had the backing of major donors and the party overall (which is controlled by major donors). They wanted Hillary even though it was clear the vast major of regular people had no interest in her. Grassroots can work on small scale but it’s not going to get you into the White House, not even close. Trump only got elected because he already had such a recognized brand from years on network TV, his polarizing persona, and Hillary’s unpopularity.

  39. Probably the trust fund his dad left him when he died. Not saying he doesn’t get money from Patricia, but he has his own too.

  40. He got money from EP southern charm and inheritance.

  41. Haha no - NYC is America collapsed. It is not European at all other than people walk more and it’s expensive AF to have a car.

  42. This is why revolutions happen. The working class is no longer represented. When the majority of the population is struggling but there are those able to afford million dollar ranch homes there’s an issue

  43. Most of the time I’ve been there it’s been more peaceful than NYC.

  44. Fruit shrubs would be perfect for this! I haven't made them before myself so I can't point you to a specific recipe, but you can make the vinegar/fruit mixture in the morning or a day or two before and mix it with seltzer or have guests do that. I really liked them when I was pregnant.

  45. I was going to recommend this. I’ve made them. You can take pretty much any fruit - they are great to make with fruit that’s just about to go bad and you aren’t going to use. High water content helps. You can also add citrus or other flavoring, herbs, vanilla. Mash up the fruit and pour in equal parts sugar, let it sit for 24 hours in the fridge and then strain it. Add in an equal part light vinegar, like apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar so it’s 1 fruit: 1 sugar : 1 vinegar. It should be good for a few weeks in the fridge. Mix with club soda and ice, add fresh fruit or herbs in a cocktail, wine or regular tall glass. You can make it dirty too and add vodka. The vinegar really helps balance the sweetness of the sugar and fruit.

  46. If you keep reading about layoffs and think this is surprising you should read up on how many people were hired the last few years. Even with all the layoffs Amazon has been doing, they still have 250,000~ more employees than they did before the end of 2020. That's a huge amount considering they were under 1 million employees prior to 2020.

  47. Yeah they are laying people off but also paying consultants who have serval gigs.

  48. And press did call him names, seems like it was his plan all along. The ‘antisemite’ who has such a big deal with a German brand…no shit. I don’t think Ye cares two nuts about Hitler or all the white supremacist shit he ran his mouth on. He was pretty accurate on how to embarrass and piss off Germans 🤔

  49. I also have a hard time believing someone as intelligent as Kanye would really believe such obvious logical fallacies he was spewing. I do think he said it because he knows that it’s controversial and would prove to the powers that be that he holds sway over the narrative so he should be given what he wants.

  50. I have a mentally ill parent and I do not think Kanye is as mentally ill as the narrative wants us to think. What he was saying was crazy but he was doing it in a calm collected manner. In my experience, manic people can’t sit still and are very emotionally erratic.

  51. Idk but if anyone ever gets the original cut of season 3 I will pay for that.

  52. Living together is close enough to marriage on a daily basis that you know pretty fast if it can work or not so to me it’s totally normal for two people to move in together after dating for six months, get engaged after another few months of living together and get married after four months to a year, especially if they are 30+. Moving fast is moving in under four and engaged under six and married within a year but some people know when they know.

  53. I’ve always found references such a strange thing in the job market.

  54. cmc says:

    At this point she’s like a Disney villain. If she could steal her daughters’ youth, you just KNOW she would.

  55. Just wait till they're teenagers when their faces even out. Thats when the surgery will begin. I mean Kylie was a cute kid, but as she grew she got that awkward teen look and was pressured into surgery at 15. Her insecurities were changed essentially even though she was a young teenager still growing. We have no idea what she would look like now. Thats what I'm expecting with this next generation too.

  56. I honestly can’t see Ye signing off on that with what happened to his mom. Plus I double any doc would want Ye on their bad side.

  57. Because they can - there’s always a new hungry group of educated young people moving here. That’s not usually the case in other cities.

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