1. Why would they put this out without it being true and so very easily disproved by Charles? Could there any truth to it? I might add I’ve not read the articles, just the headline.

  2. By putting it out some people and some media will think it's true. Thus forcing KC to make it true.

  3. I think it would involve merchandising. Prince Archie and Princess Lili children’s clothing, shoes, baby supplies, books, an animated TV show… titles for the kids are their meal ticket.

  4. If I knew how I'd check and see if they're trademarked.

  5. Chy in the 3rd picture is my spirit animal. I love North in the 7th picture, you can tell she's over it.

  6. It's not hard to avoid someone that's 2,500 miles away. Besides, soon after they moved in they started saying they wanted to move. They look kind of stupid after telling everyone how much they loved it. But that's not unusual for them.

  7. I think Meghan was trying to sell herself and the house by saying it was perfect. Like see it's perfect - just waiting on a buyer. Then hubby comes in talking about the pipe problems. Blows that plan.

  8. I think you're right. She was typing to give their house a romantic background story. Unfortunately we all know Harry doesn't say things like "My love, it's us." If you told me Archie said it, I'd believe you.

  9. The plan was always Africa. Well at least that's what Harry thought. No specific country. Some people thought maybe Botswana because that was a special place to them but a lot of others guessed Sourh Africa. Meghan never planned on living Africa. Her plan was to always go back to the US. She used Archie, and said she was worried about violence and wanted him to always be safe. When Meghan realized it would have to be a commonwealth country she agreed to Canada. But Vancouver, not Toronto. Either way it wasn't going to work. They managed to get to the US right before the border closed. Which is a shame. But it's what Meghan always wanted.

  10. Not a shame as far as I am concerned... glad they didn't stay here in Canada! And their timing in other things hasn't worked out in many ways, so them escaping the clutches of our Canadian papps and getting across the border before the pandemic was perhaps the only good luck they've had.

  11. Yeah, it's good for Canada! But now we're stuck with them. I will say that timing has been hilariously bad for them.lol But good for the rest of the us. I think they should have to move to a new country every 2 years. Giving them the Bahamas seems to nice.

  12. The only thing he contributed to Invictus Games was his name.

  13. Thats just the nice story they like to tell. The Invictus Games are a rip off of the Warrior Games. After Harry had to leave the army there wasn't actually anything for him do, so to keep him busy, and his main advisor came up the Invictus Games. It may have been Allen. But it's hard to find who any of his advisors or aides before he was married. Meghan did a good job of hiding that. It worked, gave Harry good PR, kept him out of trouble more or less. But all Harry contributed was his name and money from his charity. So, not even his own money. Allen--or whoever it was, someone on here probably knows because I'm tired of looking-- was with Harry for at least a decade. He helped Harry a lot. Unsurprisingly he left either right before or right after the wedding. Before he did, he figured out all of the important information for Invictus Games for at least 5 years, probably longer.

  14. I believe Michele Obama suggested it when he attended the Warrior Games in Colorado in 2013. There is a large Board who do the work. Some are military and some are ex Olympians. They have a website with all the names etc.

  15. She may have. Harry used to be friendly with the Obamas. But it was set up and put together for Harry. It worked because it was good for his image and gave him something to do. While at the same time basically allowing him to do nothing. If only they had been held anywhere but Canada.

  16. She married a Nazi sympathizer. Dressing like one isn't a big deal for her.

  17. I can see Meghan enjoying being compared to Wallis. She's the other American to marry into the BRF. But Meghan got Harry to give up the entire family and also move to America. (It still is a competition after all.)

  18. It can’t be a coincidence she has so many outfits that echo Wallis. But I don’t understand why. Twinning with Wallis is not something to be proud of… I don’t hate either of them but I’m just in perpetual astonishment about MM especially. How on earth is all this possible :D

  19. Yesterday I couldn't see it as clearly as I can now. My double vision made it hard to tell. Now I can see the heel. I wonder if those are comfortable.

  20. How else is everyone going to know she spent time with her children?

  21. What I've always heard about Harry's memior is there are some parts of it that be published until after the Queen died. But whatever those parts are, I'm guessing the Palace already knows.

  22. She has the aquamarine ring. Also the butterfly earrings, that she wore on the first tour. She may have worn them one other time. But I've read there's a ladge a possibility they're not Diana's original earrings. Also she may just borrowed them. I don't think she has much.

  23. I can see her replicating them to make them look bigger —- she’s that vain

  24. I didn't think of that but it makes sense! I feel like she did so many small things behind the scenes that we'll never know about. Which is a shame, because they're probably some of the most interesting.

  25. Never realized that headline was from a song. Performed on Broadway first and then in a film.

  26. The song was written for the Broadway show, Shuffle Along. It was one of the first shows to have an all African-American cast.

  27. So she's saying that something that was ground breaking, history making, and inspiring is racist? Or it was manipulated by Vanity Fair to be racist?

  28. I think it probably has something to do with the bump. Like she's standing that way to keep it from sliding down.

  29. Kate is not 5’10 or 5’9. Her height has also been exaggerated and people believe it because she always wears 3-4” heels. Here is a photo of her and William standing barefoot. That is about a 4-5” difference. She’s 5’7 or 5’8 at best.

  30. I read that both Catherine and Meghan like to wear a 4 inch heel. I think you're right. For some reason she just looks taller in pictures. I think the hats probably help too.

  31. New England here: A LOT! We have SO many small towns around here where the BMOC's are the families that have been here since the Mayflower/ towns first started as farms. OLD families with lots and lots of members. They are very influential, good old salt of the earth people with a lot of land, a lot of property, a lot of power.... but if you saw them you'd think they were just some farmer/ regular man/ woman.

  32. Yeah, I know they're regular people. lol Honestly, I didn't really think that one through before I actually said it. I was mostly thinking about Harry and how there's a lot of information about about his family. I kinda forgot how actually there were a lot of other people around who most likely have family around today.

  33. I can and my family was poor but climbed to middle class. It’s very common in certain regions, especially the South.

  34. That's really cool! I imagine it's much more common than I realize. Especially in Europe. The south makes a lot of sense too. I imagine some families only have names and dates. Others have stories, diaries, eventually photographs, etc. Honestly, I'm jealous and just a petty bitch lol. If I married into that family, or any family that could do that, I'd have my head in a book constantly. Even if it was to just learn about different time periods and what was going on in the world. Harry's lucky because his kids will learn half of it in school lol. He probably would even be able to touch the type of papers that are kept under unbreakable glass and special lighting! Idk, it just seems very lucky to me. But I guess when it's all you know, it seems normal. It probably is normal among his friends though.

  35. Thats like posting a picture with your new partner hoping that your ex will see it.

  36. Yes, but if they had total control, they could just do this and no one would be any the wiser. Even the sugars would lap up whatever new narrative they put out. I just find it suss that we are getting these articles slipped in with titlegate and there’s no reason.

  37. If Meghan and Harry do something, specifically something good, and they don't tell anyone, then did they even really do something good?

  38. I'm guessing this is a preemptive move to paint themselves as victims. Especially because they're also doing a lot of PR to get their children titles. Also they're probably trying to get more people to pay attention because their sales aren't actually as high as they claim.

  39. Don't forget the Academy awards, Emmys, Baftas, etc...

  40. She'll insist on having better seats than William and Catherine at the Baftas.

  41. A talk show. She'll be on tv everyday. She gets to tell the world just small little stories about her life. Or her opinion on certain topics. Just enough to keep people interested, but not to the point where she really has to tell them about her life. All different types of celebrities will come on. She gets to ask them questions, gets them to tell little stories about their life and discuss whatever they're promoting. Someone else will write up the questions, so she doesn't have to do that. She will have to work on not talking over everyone and cutting them off. She'll have to be nice to most people in the beginning. But as she develops friendships and people watch her show everyday out of curiosity or the inability to change the channel. Which then just becomes habit. She gives away money to charities from other people. She can give away stuff to the audience around Christmas or the end of the season. She can force Harry to show up once in a while. She gets a whole wardrobe of clothes that are hers but she didn't have to pay for it. It will also be tailored. She'll get invited to all events. Shows are pretaped and its only 4 days a week. The more successful she becomes, the more she can control but also delegate to other people. Plus everyone already knows she's mean. It's kinda a lot of work though. But, eventually, it's a lot of control. Control over people who wouldn't even look at her twice in the past.

  42. Idk, I think she probably kissed him back. Harry has probably been annoying her because he's the equivalent of a child. Plus if Meghan was with William, wouldn't she then be able to modernize the Monarchy? Isn't that what she's been trying to do since the beginning?And as a mother it would be best for her children. Yes, divorcing Harry would be sad. She'd have to learn how to love William, or exist in a loveless marriage. As a feminist that's a risk she's willing to make because she knows it's what's best for all women in the future.

  43. I think that KC should strip Beatrice, Eugenie and Harry of their titles. He should state that only the monarch’s children, the heir’s children and the heir’s eldest child’s children are entitled to the style HRH and princely titles. It should further state that at age 21 if any of those children decides to not be a working royal, they forfeit their HRH style, princely title and place (if applicable) as a counsellor of state.

  44. Do you mean their HRH's? I think thd video said that once they get Prince or Princess they can't be taken away? I remember thinking that was kinda weird because everyone wants their Duke and Duchess away. Just ike Diana. She was still the rincess of Wales but lost her HRH.

  45. I’m thinking more in the way that Denmark just did. Those kids were born with HRH style and princely titles too but have had them removed.

  46. Well at least they're still count or countess so they can be on reality tv some day. But if KC takes away to many titles I'm worried everything will be less interesting. I know royals aren't celebrities. But let's face it, it keeps us interested. I'll just be stuck with the Kardashians. Kim has worn the same style of pants/shoes for the last 2 years! Ugh. Harry and Meghan are why we can't have nice things.

  47. The part of Bower's book where it says she turned up at a Rwandan refugee camp with a hair stylist and professional photographer. I've worked in medical camps before so the callousness felt especially personal. Refugees are not props!!!

  48. Wasn't she still with Corey then? I guess I'm wondering who she was trying to impress lol.

  49. They also brought someone to film it. No idea what it was for or what happened to it.

  50. The BRF managed to rehabilitate Harry from drunken wastrel rich kid into Hero Harry.

  51. Thats my guess as well. I just wondered if Meghan, for some completely random reason, wanted to come back if they could do something or it's to far gone? Similar to Camilla who was probably disliked more. But she put her head down and did the work and people eventually came to like her. But, Meghan doesn't want to do the work. So I'm not sure how it would work.

  52. This rumor or true information was circulating before H&M even married.

  53. Oh yeh I forgot about the suitcases. I wonder how much she was paid to merch them. They did flower arranging? I knew they had flowers because I remember they gave them away afterwards but I didn’t know that was one of the things they did together. No doubt the flowers were for merching purposes too 🙄

  54. Yeah, they gave away the flowers they arranged and then any that were decorations. Baby showers can be really boring. I'm pretty sure I've been taught how to do it at least twice. Don't remember any of it lol. I wonder if that way trendy or something that year. I'm sure Instagram and pinterest were used at some point.

  55. I think there were other gifts for the attendees, too. I remember the article I read compared it to the gift bags Oscar presenters receive. 🙄

  56. Ohhh yeah! Makeup or lotion or something like sounds familiar. She probably looked at what went into the last years Oscar bags and gave them that years version of it. Amal might be the only one who would actually know. I don't really remember who was at her shower. I know Serena went this past year because of King Richard. I don't know if she's gone in the past though. Probably. Definitely at least one of the after parties at least.

  57. Ehh...I don't know if Meghan would let him go to a strip club. If it was a place where she knew no one would find out, then she might not care. But any possible sightings, I don't think so.

  58. They're also all matching in blue too! They're real life classy. Not "Look! She's using nice china today!" type of classy.

  59. It took a long time before I knew Billy Ray was his own celebrity. I just thought "Thats weird. Did he leech himself onto his daughter's TV show?" He looks...younger? Or like he's trying to look younger with the hair and the beard? Idk of its working. I would have thought he would have gone for the young influencer type. Maybe she is one. Or will be soon!

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