1. Guys how about Yamamoto with Giselle's Vollstandig, he could bring the dead back to life

  2. He broke Hoffnung and didn't die, that's pretty impressive

  3. But honestly, Lille, Pernida, Gerard and Gremmy are my picks

  4. I agree, Unohana should have a magnificent beard

  5. did it even do anything. aizen with lvl 69 kido can solo entire gotei 13 blindfolded

  6. Fire Emblem Bleach game is something i never knew i needed in my life

  7. That one donut shop collapsing, that shit was wild

  8. Lille was the first person to avoid kageoni on the first strike

  9. Which as stated by the databooks are essentialy the same thing (also CFYOW says Tousen turned himself into an arrancar)

  10. Ah I see, I haven’t been keeping up much lmao. Who is he?

  11. I think its because people forget that out of anyone he fought Shunsui who probably was the strongest captain there besides Yamamoto(correct me if i forgot about someone) and he also had absurd flash step speed. Honestly just metraletta would blow most characters to pieces, and would probably harm Shunsui too if not for Ukitake, just anyone whos not as fast or has some ridiculous defencive ability would get annihilated with ceros or wolfes with ridiculous destructive power. And people also forget about his sonido, guy blinked through majority of las noches in a blink of an eye, then went back. And hes also a smart guy... yeah hes ridiculous.

  12. You forgot Iba, he's the strongest shinigami there

  13. You can't just leave without telling us the effects of such ability.

  14. Monster Aizen wins, Ichimonji probably wouldn't work on the Hogyoku (Soul King Piece)

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