1. Sammy hasn’t been great tonight besides the first period but these mistakes and bad coverages sure aren’t helping him tonight

  2. Why is it okay for the refs to treat certain players differently. Be professional regardless of how the players act

  3. Right, some of the most fragile people mentally are refs it seems. Oh you hurt their feelings you get fined

  4. Here's the Google spreadsheet, keep in mind it has not been updated since 2015.

  5. They really couldn’t of took 30 seconds to check the replay there?! Fucking hell they don’t even care man

  6. Wayne and Connor really dumped all their stat points into hockey skills and none in personality. Good lord they're both boring as fuck to hear speak despite how electric they are on the ice.

  7. Wayne’s not so bad and Connor has improved some I think. JT is really really robotic and boring sounding though as much as I love him.

  8. Can’t hate backstrom he’s just so smooth and great. I don’t watch a lot of caps games but I gotta think he’s been doing ok with points.

  9. Absolute dogshit lol, I’m starting to wonder if bray really is this creative genius or is it wwe that can’t pull off his ideas. His matches besides the firefly funhouse which was still confusing as fuck at times have sucked since the fiend started. I love the guy and he can wrestle but damn another lacklustre match.

  10. I'm sooooo late to this but giving up phone use before bed. I used to sleep terribly. Would basically browse reddit etc until I felt tired.

  11. I struggle like a motherfucker with this. My mind doesn’t shut off and sleeping pills just wire me. Funnily I have a ton of books around but I find myself here or YouTube.

  12. Any decision I fear making and try to delay as much as possible

  13. I hope that’s the case with me because I have no idea what I wanna do with my life lol

  14. I’m gonna say bohemian rhapsody off the top of my head. Overplayed to hell, too god damn long and I just don’t like it. Also smells like teen spirit is overrated as fuck. Before he starts singing I’m like ok I can get into it…then that whiny ass voice ruins it and I haven’t listened to nirvana since.

  15. Dance monkey, that baby voice makes me mad

  16. If you haven’t played marvels Spider-Man or miles morales I highly recommend them. Until dawn is also a fun interactive horror game that sometimes goes on sale in the store too.

  17. Yup they seem to know if I need any attention. They’re affectionate anyway but they seem to notice if I’m depressed/anxious/sick. The male cat will climb onto my chest and purr and try licking me if I’m laying down. Sometimes he grabs my face with his paw to get closer too. I also had Covid and I’ve never been so tired in my life. For 5 days I barely got out of bed and then it took about 2-3 weeks to feel completely better.

  18. It’s ok I’m sure they see that kind of thing a lot. Better to be safe and get looked at. I’ve had some pretty bad ones myself but never quite to that point for now anyway. Hopefully you don’t have that happen again and can feel better.

  19. The uwu and ahaego things weird and gross me out so much

  20. Absolute shame it took Jay literally losing his life to get a briscoe on tv. Don’t even watch aew myself but they were awesome together and I applaud Tony got pushing for this so hard.

  21. Balor is near 40 I think but barring a major major injury I don’t see him getting out of shape like ever

  22. I know he’s done it a bit but damn what a nice surprise it is when Mitch drives to the net

  23. I’ve never seen one of his movies but what a guy he seems to be. Such a shame he was blacklisted for being a victim of sexual assault. So nice to see him back and happy.

  24. I’m sorry wtf the guy takes 3 or 4 shots to The head and all he did was take a late jab at the puck. How that’s 4 on 4 after I don’t get

  25. Not even a hot take to me lol Judas is fucking garbage. Fozzy has one good song and it is enemy lol. I love him as a wrestler but holy shit it’s hard to see him in a second rate promotion.

  26. Fucking hell they’re terrible at 3 on 3 but more importantly they blow a lead to the team last in our division. They always seem to make average/decent teams look like all stars I swear.

  27. Holy fuck they take by far the most too many men penalties in the league. It’s been an issue for years now

  28. Can’t be giving it away like that and giving up these good chances but damn Sammy is on it tonight

  29. Gotta be Toronto but I watch other teams play occasionally now. Knowing family who watch Colorado, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, and Carolina I’ve kept a closer eye on those teams.

  30. I love how it’s blacked out in fucking Newfoundland lol

  31. 24 hours removed from surgery. The pain is manageable with over the counter painkillersbut the sensitivity is insane. Dealing with the erections is the hardest part (pun intended) because you’ll be asleep and then waking up to a sharp searing pain across your soldier. Peeing is also awkward. Dunno if that’s just me or the swelling or what but the stream is either shooting off to the side or split, and there’s always dribbles left that want to come out a min or two later.

  32. I’m getting mine done soon and also have a question. Did you find up near the top area it felt almost bruised when you got rock hard? I dunno if it’s the tightness of the skin but that’s one thing I can’t wait to get rid of.

  33. Unless he threatened his life Theres no reason he should’ve gotten a 10 minute penalty. Just like the leafs game tonight for both sides they’ve been especially abysmal this year. I’d just like to be able to ask some questions to the refs after the game like the media does to the players and coach.

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