1. Doubt they'd book that fight anywhere but the UK/ US, plus I'm pretty sure this is a FN. Sounds like it'll be KZ vs Holloway

  2. Who are these videos for though? Like we've all seen the real fights, right? Why do we need make-believe kid's reenactments?

  3. Why do we need anything? You can argue that any piece of media/entertainment is useless, there doesn't need to be a reason for any of it to exist, it just does. Let the guy make his videos lol

  4. Are we seriously acting like Jones is afraid of anyone? Ngannou spent the last year of his ufc run negotiating a better contract and refusing to defend his title, Jones isn't the reason this fight never happened

  5. Thought they'd wait for Weili vs Xiaonan in China. I think Weili wins this and they book that fight anyways, but if Lemos wins, they're gonna be kicking themselves

  6. So many scrubs on Reddit were telling me that Garry sucks, D Rod is gonna dog walk him, etc. D Rod is the most overrated fighter I’ve ever seen, maybe second to Sean Brady

  7. D rod? Overrated? By who lmfao. Everyone was calling this dude a bum as soon as he got subbed by Magny

  8. No one has ever said that, everyone says it’s because Magny is such a tough fight for anyone. Everyone was saying D Rod would dog walk him, it’s apparent that D Rod isn’t good. He only has boxing and it’s alright at that

  9. Ian was a -300 favorite. Nobody was saying he would dog walk him, and if they were, they were going against the majority of the crowd that thought this was going to be an easy win for Garry

  10. The longer this goes the more I think it's about protecting Danas baby boy Colby

  11. Yall find a way to put everything on Colby lmfao. Khamzat is a money maker for the ufc, they don't care if they make money using Colby or Khamzat

  12. why does he suddenly not want to shit on people’s performances? but when Ngannou got beat by Stipe it was because of his massive ego?

  13. Do you want him to shit on fighters or not? If he shits on them then people get upset, if he doesn't it's "why isn't he shitting on them like x,y, and z"

  14. if your takeaway from my comment is that I want him to shit on fighters I genuinely worry for you and your ability to navigate life lmao

  15. My takeaway is that for once Dana isn't being a douche and you people still find a way to bitch about it

  16. If somebody is willing to pay $700 for it, then it is. And there's people who paid 40 dollars for a rock on here so I wouldn't say the idea is too far fetched

  17. Not like this card was gonna get saved by this one fight anyways, hopefully the ufc looks at this card, realizes they need a big fight to sell it, and book a Belal vs Burns level fight in terms of importance on short notice.

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