1. These pics look good for 2014. What phone was this on?

  2. U was in the X I live close to this shit u was by Courtlandt Ave

  3. I couldn't get over how fucking BIG your city is. I've never seen anything like it. And I ended up moving to Toronto, NYC is STILL BIGGER lol wtf

  4. You got a insta or sum where you post these? These bitches hard

  5. I used to but my shit got hacked and shut down lol I started a new one but it's just photos of the hoods in Niagara Falls and some in Buffalo.

  6. I hate to burst your bubble but the appreciation rate on your parents home is like half the national average over the same time. They effectively lost tens of thousands of dollars vs buying somewhere else.

  7. I love how the instant this guy gets emotional his first instinct is to scream racism.

  8. Nothing you can do. Without either the password or email address.

  9. Smh I just paid a hacker $100 and I still don't have access.

  10. I got banned for participating in a spoofing subreddit where I asked a question

  11. This forum is the most over moderated place I've ever seen in my life, and I've been in MANY forums in my lifetime. It's like you sneeze you get banned. You can barely post anything without breaking at least one rule.

  12. Diversity doesn't mean "Black" it means "chinese, middle eastern, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Somalian, Russian, Turkish, Iranian, ect...

  13. 3Ms on highland Ave in Niagara falls new york

  14. I see their point psychologically but at the same time it’s sheer ignorance of what prisoners actually go through. They could just not choose a career that is essentially mass dehumanization of inmates

  15. Criminals can choose a career that doesn't victimize people. You know, like rape, homicide, and armed robbery.

  16. I think the song is fire. Wrong tag tho? 7 year old song

  17. Lol I was in 11th grade about to go into summer vacation.

  18. I have a book called "Mafia Cop" about an NYPD Officer named Lou Eppolito who used to moonlight as a contract killer for the Lucchese family.

  19. This car comes with Cocaine, a steel blue suit, a pair of Oakleys, and a compact Uzi 9mm. All trunks are equipped with an action movie VHS collection and 100 disc CD changer on the side.

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