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  1. The books narrated by Stephen Fry are wonderful for this I think. I regularly use his narrated books to fall asleep too.

  2. Here are just a few I've listened too and liked

  3. They post links daily from that news site so they probably have a subscription and don't realize it's paywalled.

  4. A fake cop tried to pull over my sister in the middle of the night two years ago in Houston.

  5. Are you new to Diablo 2? If so, how does it hold up for you?

  6. At this point I just come here to collect backwards compatible games

  7. That's my favorite part of each monthly gold announcement. All these games I didn't have the time to play while in high school are now free!

  8. I'm sad I first linked my Xbox account to my epic one. I stopped playing it on PS4 before it required an epic account. Didn't have ps+ anymore so tried logging onto my Xbox first.

  9. Damn, so if you create a new Epic account and link your PS4 account to it, you would need to create a new Xbox account to also link it to Xbox then?

  10. I might have said it wrong. Basically whatever console/device you first log into your epic account with to play fall guys will be the basis for all future log ins of the game.

  11. 5 is the best of the series! Best setting, best villian, best gameplay, best music

  12. Just gonna ignore the dozens of hours you have to spend grinding through a boring looter shooter Far Cry in order to get to that point?

  13. Dozens of hours? Definitely doesn't take that long lmfao. I played through the game twice on two different consoles and it took no where near that long to get to the abilities

  14. Despite the bugs, I really did enjoy unity, was super fun going around paris

  15. Have you played Rogue yet? That one directly ties into Unity

  16. Do you really have to give them your phone number to do it?

  17. I swore I heard Elder scrolls: Oblivion music at points in that video lol

  18. too bad Paramount+ player is garbage

  19. Subscribe to paramount+ through an Amazon prime channel and you won't ever have to touch the standalone app ever again.

  20. Why does Amazon prime have the ability to subscribe to other channels? What does AP get out of it?

  21. They probably get a cut of the subscription price since they are the ones hosting the videos on prime.

  22. Diablo 3 was pretty much my intro to the game series besides playing the PS1 game as a small kid.

  23. Does anyone know if this game requires Ps+ to play?

  24. You can make an offline character at the start.

  25. I knew about the fish, but I didn't see any XP gain from the candy for some reason. I'll have to try it again.

  26. I never got xp from the candy either! I did the whole thing twice and it never gave me xp both times.

  27. I got it a few weeks ago when I got back into the game after 4+ years. I'm liking it a lot and really enjoying what I've played so far.

  28. God I hate UK and its stupid time bullshit. 6PM GMT, except in actuality we're in BST, so for the UK it's actually 7PM.

  29. They just probably didn't want to say all the time zones in the title.

  30. tbh that's what I was thinking, it's about to be Haven 2.0, just people farming chests in TR lol

  31. I landed alone at the temple in TR got all the chests and I got more xp doing that in 5 minutes than I did in the whole first day of this season lmfao.

  32. Took them half a day to add that warning :/

  33. I’m a little confused there’s a lot of contradictions I’ve been hearing; can you or can you not get the codes from Marvel Unlimited? Thank you for your time.

  34. Marvel unlimited app is different than the marvel comics app.

  35. If you have not played DMC before, the order to play in is:

  36. I just finally played through DMC2. I still don't know how to describe it. All I know is that I'm glad it was short as hell

  37. Yeah when I see people in the spheres riding the rollercoaster I just carry on lol. It's not like they are gonna attack me.

  38. I did the same thing with people fishing last season. I still feel terrible when I turned a corner and got surprised/killed a guy fishing.

  39. Fishing is a bit different though. It's like, if I'm far enough from someone fishing and I'm clearly behind them, I'll just pass, but if I know they see me, I'll attack just because chances are, they'll attack me if I don't. That's the cruelty of this game. The difference from the rollercoaster is that they're also on the move and are passing through, so they clearly aren't going to attack me.

  40. I see the difference now. Actually haven't had a chance to try the coaster yet. I should probably get on later to experience it.

  41. I don't know why the Thor's hammer part made me laugh out loud. I thought she was going to pull her out of the way but instead she just went flying with the hammer.

  42. Be sure to check that page in the game to see which body part you want to unlock first. Each location gives a different part and that page will say where you have to go to unlock it.

  43. How far have you gotten? I'm on page 4 of the first map now I think.

  44. There was a user on this sub yesterday who actually said they approved of the ban because it would stop them grooming children.

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