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  1. My wife is a T1D and the device advancement in this space are astonishingly fast. Fully closed system is on the horizon. My son and I already call her a cyborg due to her CGM and wireless pump.

  2. Today is overstating it. There's still plenty of places without sufficient charging networks, there's the issue of meeting power generation demands, and battery production capability is not up to that level of demand.

  3. I mean, I live in Australia, I’d say we’re pretty developed

  4. Jesus. Heist that second point scares the shit out of me

  5. I think this was mentioned in a livestream/rsguy interview. Not specifically these abilities, but just the fact we’ve got some junk abilities floating around.

  6. 5-x says:

    Inb4 some other pures come out of the woodwork to say they don't want this.

  7. This completely devalues my iron hatchet woodcut only strength pure who also kills the giant mole every third harvest moon of the cycle.

  8. Honestly the mods interactions on Reddit might be the reason I jump from RS3 to OSRS

  9. The fact that we need more than 70 hotkeys to enjoy the game shows an inherent issue with the game. Even I agree that what we have is probably too few, but I've run into the case where there's not enough easy to access keys for everything I want.

  10. Calf raises, squats, and any rotational core exercises. (Russian twists, bicycle crunches, etc)

  11. If anyone is still following - email came out from Aetherworks last night to confirm address for addons shipping.

  12. Laserox still end of month according to the Cepholofair update, be keen to see when they arrive since that’s what I’m really hanging for

  13. Hey jagex since we’re nerfing the staffs rune useage can we also nerf the arrow usage for bolg? /s

  14. We are going to use in-game polls more this year when it makes sense.

  15. That’s fantastic that you guys are considering using it in certain aspects

  16. This was really just a little rant I am massively jumping to conclusions

  17. Eh not really, jagex’s track record warrants this.

  18. If jagex’s track record is anything to go by, it’ll be all of those, plus a few extra nerfs

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