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I’m starting to realize I’m finally gaining the strength to wear what I want CONFIDENTLY, I would post pictures but I wasn’t confident. No one can make me feel insecure about it anymore and it feels great, thought I’d share a mini win for me

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  1. I am the cheapest mechanic in town but I only give discounts to myself.

  2. If your girlfriend is telling what they are not, what is she telling you they are?

  3. Oh, no. I keep telling her they’re are Azaleas but I kinda knew I was wrong.

  4. We/humans are able to win the war because we learn and adapt through compassion in the end.

  5. The unsc engineers must’ve been like. “Yeah, Yeah this outdated equipment is fine.”

  6. This is basically how the United States Marines works currently too.

  7. Just Sizzler but a ton more expensive. My Dad is from Farmington area, if you need directions or help let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

  8. NAU pays much lower minimum wage than than the Flagstaff Minimum wage. They justify this because they’re a state institution.

  9. The pure hated of new comers is what really holds this community together. /s

  10. Good! Maybe they’ll take that stupid dam down and let the Natives move back into their ancient lands. My grand parents were made to move from the canyon and we’re given nothing other that “move or drown” notices.

  11. This was from a very old article. We actually have a new dispatch program that facilitates a ton less miles, however we deliver across streets if need be or of conditions allow.

  12. When I wake up and my girlfriend is just watching. When my girlfriend looks at me across the room, and when she remembers special days even though i do my best to not care.

  13. 100% what it feels like for some Vets coming back to civilian life.

  14. That looks very Navajo. My mom would love to add this to her collection and I’m sure she would like to compensate you.

  15. Kens’s or R&A are the only other choices. It’s gonna be expensive but that’s just the Welcome To Flagstaff Package.

  16. Brews and Ques does them but I don’t remember what night.

  17. 😂😂😂😂😂 I mean to be fair even if someone wanted to run a locals only dive the property prices, taxes, etc probably wouldn't even allow them to have cheap drinks...

  18. You ain’t jokin! There use to be good local spots off fourth street but even with good customer runs they just could never turn a good profit.

  19. Perhaps a community driven thing. Someone who wants to hangout and serve the community if only breaking even. I would chip in.

  20. I’ll ask Coral about that this weekend. She’s always been pretty receptive to my ideas. Maybe we could get this going.

  21. You do you homie. You look good. I’m happy for you.

  22. On average my center has maybe 4 at most a day but they usually get delivered.

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