(OC) I'm officially a degree holder of Bachelor of Laws. University of Lviv, Ukraine.

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In Poland People Cosplay as Americans and the Pics Are Wild

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A Right-Wing Think Tank Claimed to Be a Church. Now, Members of Congress Want to Investigate — Forty lawmakers are calling on the IRS and the Treasury to investigate after ProPublica reported that the Family Research Council gained protections by claiming it is a church

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  1. Not OC if you share someone else's post from another page

  2. When crossposting it’s easier to keep the original title than to edit it.

  3. There’s a grammar mistake in the very first sentence. Who edits these articles??

  4. That would make sense as we also use Lt. to designate subordinates outside the military especially in US for governorships in lieu of (😉) “vice-“. I would expand that point to ask if we went away from the term Viceroy due to its monarchal origins.

  5. Sexy alien ghosts is an underutilized genre that I could get into

  6. They’re used to be something great about that sub and then it lost my interest after awhile

  7. Blimey I wasn’t expecting to get caught in a drive-by reading these comments, deserved as it is.

  8. Y’all did contribute to the world order shake up with brexit. Fix it and maybe we can go back to sanity.

  9. Don’t eat the propaganda shit coming out of their mouths. If they say they’ve seen it, then know that they haven’t. Russia wants to pretend to be a puppet master but they’re only so in their dreams.

  10. You would increase your credibility by citing an edition of the original text and a translator.

  11. He had credibility the moment he recounted the ancient migration from Digg. He is a true brother of the old ways, salute this man when you see him.

  12. I was so into Digg back in the day. It was the main site I went to. Then they just flushed it all down the toilet, and here I am, still on Reddit many years later, hoping it doesn’t become too commercialized.

  13. Oh man, me too. I don’t even remember what they did to piss us off so badly. It’s not like Reddit doesn’t have a lot of sponsored content too now. I just remember being so confused with the Reddit layout back then.

  14. He walks amongst us already. Or at least in the Kremlin.

  15. How is this relevant to this sub and not a simple Google search?

  16. I use this one too. We notice a lot of our fruit and veggies go bad quickly so I’m sure there are problems with the way they store them.

  17. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. My inner teenage libertarian that I locked away years ago started HOLLERING.

  18. Put a pillow over him and smother out those memories like the rest of us have.

  19. Meme writers need to learn the Oxford comma. I was so confused reading this as I didn’t know it was 3 things beginning with Putin as the “I” subject in the sentence.

  20. Like 20 Fisher-Price toys need to be on the lawn too

  21. Sadly i dont have access to inventory records. Im an accountant. I CAN see what we have shipped and where.

  22. You know what to do, bromigo. Also, delete these details as a just in case. I’m paranoid so you don’t want to leave any records.

  23. Maybe I should learn to code, then I could finally git gud

  24. In the field management tab do you have flax selected for planting. A lot of people forget to change their fields when the season changes.

  25. I was just about to say something similar. Restrooms is worse in other countries. I believe Thailand they charge you for paper in outdoor public restrooms.

  26. Oh god, my experience in Thai public restrooms is a nightmare. Don’t get drunk there if you don’t know where the nearest good bathroom is.

  27. I tend to have a woodcutter be the first villager I recruit, and for the first couple of seasons I have them only do logs. I cut the firewood and planks after they stop work for the day, as needed. Then once they level up their skill to 5 or so, I set them to produce firewood and planks as well as logs.

  28. Open Management. On the left at the top, are several icons. I don't have the game open in front of me right now, but I think it's the last one on the right. You'll know it when you click on it, because you have a pull-down arrow for food, water, and fuel. You can select and de-select which things your villagers will consume.

  29. Ah okay, it’s called “Peoples demand control” but I wish it explained more of what process each is used for. Because they needs to use logs, planks, sticks when crafting so I don’t want them to stop crafting.

  30. Amazing footage, seems surreal to get such a high quality battlefield view 5000km away

  31. I was thinking the same thing. One man's horrible death is another man's entertainment.

  32. I wouldn’t quite use that word but it’s fascinating due to the resolution and “rawness” of seeing it first hand.

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