1. What advantage did you think to gain when passing the disks through instead of just giving the VM some storage on one of the hosts zfs pools?

  2. Can you mount a NFS share from inside a docker container? You cannot from inside lxc. You can bindmount a mounted NFS share from the host into a lxc, but it'll need to be a privledged lxc so you can also map the UID/gid.

  3. ? I have nfs shares mounted inside lxcs.

  4. Mijn ervaring uit de studententijd: Als je niet veel rijdt, handig bent en absoluut niets wilt uitgeven: koop een VW kever met oldtimerregeling. 100 euro verzekering/jaar, geen wegenbelasting. Afschrijving is 0 (of negatief, heb de mijne verkocht met winst een paar jaar terug). Rijden is dan wel weer duur, want zuinig zijn ze niet. Onderdelen zijn cheap, en als je het zelf doet zijn de arbeidskosten 0. Elke maand is er ook een keverklusdag in Rosmalen, ding op de brug voor iets van 20 euro voor een dag? En gratis (ongevraagd) advies van mensen met heel veel kennis van deze dingen.

  5. Je zegt het zelf al, veilig is het niet. Is je leven die besparing waard?

  6. Om er te komen: zorg dat je spullen makkelijk te dragen zijn, met voorkeur te rollen. Opvouwbare bolderkarren zorgen voor veel jaloerse blikken en vragen 'of er nog een tas op past'.

  7. Held. Werkt die 12ft.io site voor de meeste paywalls?

  8. Tractor wheels will blow your mind then.

  9. Or the 5v step down on the fc isn't powerful enough to power all the extra 5v components. Depends on what OP hooked up to the 5v rail.

  10. Unplug one. It will throw an "open circuit O2 sensor X" depending on which one you disconnect. Then using your amazing powers of deduction you can work out which one to replace.

  11. Best solution is to buy a new 2022 Yamaha R1 and park it next to the moped. No way someone steals that moped.

  12. I have two cars, a 1.5L 3 cylinder, and a 2.5L v6. Will the smaller car be able to pull my caravan on the mountain roads?

  13. You said "It is USB Mini" and I corrected saying that it's a micro, not mini. Are you seriously not getting this? You were clearly wrong and just wanted to hide your mistake. That's fine but don't keep replying to me if you're just gonna change your stuff 100% afterwards.

  14. I was wrong, but so are you. Now I'm correcting myself, and you're just being angry over something you're just as wrong about.

  15. I've installed it as software on my rpi os lite following this tutorial

  16. They release it as full os so you don't have to figure out stuff with dependencies and updates. There's no reason you can't do a diy install, but updates might give you hell

  17. Yes, makes sense... But for Apache example it's better to use 1 container with all dependencies (php, mysql,...) or split them into multiple containers?

  18. If you're using docker images, this will be decided for you.

  19. You ever play online video games/shooters? The 'little extra latency' would be more than 100ms. Unflyable imo.

  20. BF PID is much smoother than CF. If it runs on the naze, go for it.

  21. Langs een 30-weg liep een kind met zijn ouders. Hij maakte het 'trucker trek aan claxon kabel' gebaar. Auto na auto voor mij passeerden de jongen zonder gehoor te geven. Ik gunde hem een korte toet en zag hem zijn overwinning vieren in mijn buitenspiegel. :)

  22. Ik vind dit heerlijk om te doen op de motor als zo'n jochie een 'geef gas' gebaar maakt met z'n hand. Vooral als ik op de chopper zit maak ik dat regelmatig mee, fantastisch als je ze in de spiegel ziet juichen.

  23. Im on the other end, when I see what you guys ride I get impostor complex because my first bike is a 110cc, only started a couple of months ago and is perfect for the traffic in my city but sometimes it feels like I'm not even a real rider compared to the monster bikes everyone seems to have here.

  24. But does the rear break out when you accidentally give it a bit too much throttle on a wet road?

  25. I don't think it does. I don't think that happens to me very often.

  26. Exactly my point. I've broken out the rear on a wet road, and that's just with 50hp or so. I don't want to know how fast you could make that happen with 150hp.

  27. Cryptography was the wrong word I admit. But my points are undeniable correct. If not, prove.

  28. First of all, you could mine crypto on a rpi, but 1) the commenter isn't, and 2) nobody does because while it consumes low power, there's also negligeable output of crypto.

  29. I corrected the word cryptography. This is not my native language I don’t know why you still mention it three times. But nevertheless I see you prefer our very sustainable Money policy irony off* while you have no idea that there are projects being worked on who need 1% of Visa/Mastercards energy while outputting 100x the transactions. People like you are the reason that old boomers get confirmation to change nothing in our broken money policy or in politics as a whole. But go print money on paper which needs trees or better mine some ore for your Pennie’s.

  30. You do realize most currency is digital nowadays right? The government can create currency with a simple click of the button instead of having to do power hungry calculations. No paper or coins involved either.

  31. Hoe vaak check je je bandenspanning? Bij te weinig lucht krijgt de band ook teveel beweging wat dit soort scheuren kan veroorzaken

  32. Laatste apk is 3 maanden geleden, toen waren deze nog "oké". De afgelopen 3 weken heb ik bijna 4000km met de auto gereden (binnen Nederland en België) en dat was toch echt teveel. Ben eigenlijk heel blij dat ik het gespot heb, deze banden hadden het rondje charleroi&mons wat er voor maandag op de planning staat niet overleefd.

  33. Doe je burnouts bij ieder stoplicht ofzo? :p

  34. If you have both disks of the old pool, and all newer disks are gone, can't you just mount both old disks and import the old pool?

  35. After doing zfs replace, the disks will be marked as 'not part of zfs'. The 1s and 0s will be there, but zfs does not think the two disks are part of a vdev.

  36. Fuel goes on the inside. Pavement on the outside.

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