1. Not sure if the quality is still as good as it was three years ago but I have two pairs of jeans from 2015 and 2019 that are still going hard that I bought for around $20. Under $20 is honestly a steal considering inflation.

  2. I have Hollister jeans from high school 10 years ago that are still holding up. If the quality is the same then they’re def worth it.

  3. My new car’s trial finally ended and I get 2-3 calls every week day from them, letters in the mail, emails. They’re non-stop. Even at $5/month for something I only use when driving my car 2-3 times a week, they’re not worth my money. $12/year and I’ll consider.

  4. Toxic parenting techniques 101: Guilting you to get their way. I know a thing or two about that. They don’t realize that doing this is hurting you more than being your true self could.

  5. As a beginner, I bought a best sellers sampler from Shoyeido for around $30 over a year ago and still have quite a bit left to use. Each stick lasts 20-30 mins and the scents are all pretty good. My least fave was the Japanese cherry blossom scent bc it smelled like cheap perfume. Over all it’s still a great buy.

  6. I can’t believe they’re playing the UC that’s dope but i kinda wish they were playing Northerly Island, would better suit the mood imo

  7. Northerly island sucks bc there’s only one way in and out. Also if it rains then show gets cancelled easily. Much more prefer the accessibility of UC!

  8. If you’re looking for people who eat fast, date people with (slightly) older brothers…

  9. I’m the oldest brother and I eat fast too so just look for brothers in general

  10. Obviously your parents loved your younger brother more…

  11. I get 42k working in a call center in Oklahoma. You're getting shafted. Not moving to helpdesk for less than 50k.

  12. I work inbound support in Chicago and am at $56k even in a smaller city I can’t imagine making less than 50k.

  13. 2018 lolla was where the pencil sharpener dance Dua does became viral! I remember the sound at her performance not being the best unless you got super close. So sad I missed her this year.

  14. Arctic monkeys on the lineup would guarantee my money in their pockets

  15. The fuck is up with all these early 20s guys looking like they 37?

  16. They’re blessed with good facial hair that we couldn’t come near till 30

  17. How did you take my dream place and make it reality? Amazing work

  18. These are not Prada but good luck finding any. They were released by Jose Wong years ago and haven’t been rereleased since. I bought his other beanies but they don’t have any “Prada” labeling anymore. Closest you’ll get is the Jose Wong X Stillz collab

  19. Definitely recommend the body groomer he uses at the end. I just got myself one recently and it’s game changing. I had no type of itchiness when I shaved everything smooth to test it out.

  20. Thank you! No, my boyfriend and I are visiting New York for the first time and we wanted to make sure to see a Broadway show. We’ve never seen Wicked either so we’re very excited! Will u be seeing it on tour? The dates for Chicago don’t seem to have tickets going on sale anytime soon

  21. When you get a survey they still have to choose you in order to get a Voxbox? I’m confused

  22. What do you guys think the symbolism was behind Nate looking at his own back?

  23. I want to say he’s afraid to reflect on himself because whenever he does, all he sees is he’s becoming like his dad

  24. I have the Gold and looking to get the CSP this year. Is there any better welcome offer than the 60K posted on Chase website?

  25. I have an 80k offer that shows up in my chase app. I haven’t seen referral links for that though.

  26. Yeah, just checked my Chase app to only see the 60k offer :(

  27. I keep getting an error online and went to the branch today. They said it might be a glitch and weren’t able to help with via their desktop access either. Hopefully there’s a fix soon

  28. I love the multi pocket bc it’s very versatile and you can change up the looks

  29. Thank you! The stamps are a game changer! I’m definitely going to try more plates out

  30. Thank you! Hoping to post more once they have all grown out to the same length again

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