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  1. Any of the old creature type tribes can be interesting for the results of old cards interacting with newer cards.

  2. I tried to start a rewatch last night and it did this to me

  3. Due to weak muscles in my left shoulder I have more mobility in that arm, also it's about 1/2 inch longer (makes using gym equipment a really pain)

  4. The penis whirlpool is off limits...

  5. Cook it down with some blackberries, and habaneros (or your choice of pepper). Season with bay leaves and garlic, till you get some nice consistency; boom you got some nice hot sauce.

  6. I'd go back to when I made my [[najeela]] warriors/infinite combat deck. It never worked right and I sank a bunch of money into it, I could've made 3 average decks with the cost of that one.

  7. I changed some settings, but mostly because my eyes are shit and it makes it easier to see. (For some reason my eyes can't really focus on blue things?) So some color adjusts and brightness tweaks and that's all I've done with it.

  8. Puree first for consistent texture, it makes it easier.

  9. Dude it's like picking up a pair of tongs, you gotta click'em at least once, and you got to think about those things like teeth.

  10. Dyranis... Hmm not sure how I feel about that.

  11. That's like the next level above my roommate.

  12. Big, beat-up work-boots. The kind that look like you’d want to take them off before entering the house.

  13. Or big sports cleats covered in mud, I knew a woman who did this living in a smaller city.

  14. Unfortunately that’s where I am. Not a nursing home, but a community. It’s nothing like usual nursing home stuff, it’s really upscale and we do a ton from scratch which is nice. But it still sucks.

  15. Mine was as well, not quite that nice though. 5 week rotating menu, changed each season. Basically just served what stuff we could make "healthy and cheap" from Sysco. Head chef was basically a Sysco toadie, then all the managers of the dining department were technically subcontracted through a different company, so... Yeah they weren't held accountable for anything.

  16. I honestly wish we’d have a cycle menu. A seasonal one, and it could consist of everything we already do so it won’t be a drop in quality. Trying to convince my chef that it would really be easier on him and everyone but I was told “not while I’m here” and that was that. We have a POS system that we have to preload all the items and prices etc. that could be done 5 weeks at a time instead of constantly adding and modifying new things. Menus could just be printed instead of editing them every single week. I don’t know it just sucks cause I know I’m right haha!

  17. I can totally see your argument, that sounds way easier.

  18. Cat: "... Huh okay... I'm just gonna you know, go now?"

  19. Man I haven't seen weyerbacher beers in years my local craft shop downsized. I miss the blithering idiot.

  20. Old (age) synthesist summoner; bonus to mental stats from age, and your physical stats are your summons.

  21. And if it's a Sunday? That damn after church crowd. A group stiffed us $6 dollars on the bill today since they paid cash, considering how they acted to the servers it was probably intentional.

  22. Drive about 500 miles north, that place seems nicer eh?

  23. That move is so weird; he grabs you, squeezes you, and drains some health, then he drops you like a bored 4 year old.

  24. My middle school had condiment dispensers which were squeeze bottles attached to giant bags of condiments, therefore there was a ketchup, mustard, mayo, ranch, and BBQ sauce teats. On special days there was a "buffalo sauce" teat as well.

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