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  1. Do stamp collectors next or show us your funko pop room

  2. Lmao so true. Funko pops r worst atleast guns have value .

  3. It's easy. I have a few hundred lol I shoot often and collect

  4. It’s time. Ban AR-15s. Make it illegal to own or buy them. All of them. No more of this nonsense.

  5. How long was it in jail? I’m waiting on my first suppressor (Sparrow 22)

  6. What do you do for a living and how do I get a similar job?? Lol but seriously, that’s an insane collection!

  7. I don't run any of my slx like that. Use adm mounts

  8. That’s fucking great!!! Got a good laugh out of this.

  9. Sweet overused picture thanks for the 1000th re post

  10. Gun was defective blew apart on bird shot to lol

  11. My God I can smell the AARP and McDonald's at 4am from here what a fudd

  12. what’s the upper set up for the grey-green ish one? It’s 13.7 p&w?

  13. Sbr? It seems have same length as the Sabre. Darn it I need new eyes

  14. What buffer is in the A1 stock lower of that Sabre?

  15. I have a Midwest side folder stock on my p50 sbr matches nice

  16. I'm scared VA will be there in a few years if the courts don't stop these. We are one liberal house/senate away from total gun bans we barely survived and assualt weapons ban in 2019. Hang in there guys

  17. I have that same upper and the sabre a1 stock kit coming for a sbr lower I got laying around. Any stock/ buffer tube will work fine

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