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  1. At the same time.Brendan Schaub and Chris Hanson who has to watch the first episode first.

  2. 11.25 an hour. And a portion of $3500 in gratuity, probably like $850.

  3. Bold of you to assume that banquet waitstaff and sales people would break off ANY gratuities to BOH

  4. Just use vague threats. “I’m gonna paint your house, bitch” “Man people hate rapists, hopefully something bad happens to you, ya fucking piece of shit, cuck”

  5. 99 percent accurate. I’d say they are a whole lot more than failed comedians. If their failed comedians I’m a failed fuck for sure.

  6. Stupid question but if let's say inflation goes down and let's say the Zimbabwean dollar is now equal to a US dollar (probably would never happen) would you technically be a millionaire? Like if I got a trillion dollar bill during inflation but we get it under control would it still retain it trillion dollar value?

  7. Both of Tuas sacks were worse, but Jimmy got wrapped by two defenders and Purdy looks like he's taking one in the face everytime he throws lol

  8. Im sure McDaniel planned on sending the house every play possible since he saw he was playing Shanahan

  9. It’s against the law to give a bad referral. The worst they can say is, “I wouldn’t hire her again”

  10. Yep, just like at usps. The ass kisser that side with management against fellow craft employees are one of the biggest problems.

  11. As a Usps employee I’d take an kisser over a pos table 1 who could retire tomorrow if didn’t suck with money

  12. Damn my aux route looks like this. And then I pack every crevice with totes for package pickups for a merch shop.

  13. Eh, after COVIDmas, Prime Day in the middle of a presidential election, peak was nothing.

  14. It was crazy how much political mail there was and the fact they made us endorse every piece of political ubbm was insane.

  15. Unless it’s effecting your physical heath, or your mental health tremendously. If it is go to dr and get Xanax. It’s better on your liver and has the same basic results.

  16. Target marketing. They should be hitting high school seniors.

  17. The sender did. They make cheap boxes that don’t bend for less than a buck.

  18. Will it really make a difference? Amazon seems to be the problem.

  19. Alex Smith would of won in the super bowl but he wouldn’t of beat Green Bay.

  20. All fields should have real grass, if you are in an area where its kinda difficult, build a dome

  21. Wow! Good for him. Any idea if he plans to play in college?

  22. Just use it until fire gets rid of it. One busy night will do the trick

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