1. That's fantastic! Try Wyoming, Montana, or the Dakota's sometime if you want a vacation where you see no civilization for miles and miles. Pro Tip: pack a cooler with food and drinks. πŸ‘

  2. Oh I desperately to go roadtripping up there! I haven't actually seen a mountain in person before and I think I need to.

  3. You'll be able to see rockets launch if you look north toward Cape Canaveral πŸ‘.

  4. I only have experience with ISFJ females. If you want a relationship go date someone who also wants that. If you want a fling, you may get that from him. πŸ‘ They are incredibly stubborn people. Fun and smart but stubborn.

  5. I don't think we will see mandates again. We can all still wear a mask voluntarily. I also hope that you have a good recovery and then are immune for the rest of the year. I expect with school starting covid will spread faster. The flu is out there too. Monkey Pox. Polio caused by polio vaccines (that one made my head spin). Crazy times.

  6. I seeded a lawn in April (I'm in Japan), these have taken over. Would really like to know what they are.

  7. That's not the grass you planted? Would explain why there are so many and how they have taken over. 🀣 There is probably a better sub to post such things, no idea what one. Google lens is great, but you won't get laughs asking why your yard has grass since it's an app.

  8. Looks like you can borrow it from this free internet library. You need to make a free account at the internet archive first.

  9. https://m.alibris.com/booksearch?keyword=They+will+know+me+by+my+teeth&mtype=B&hs=Search

  10. Lake Apopka Wildlife drive. It's insane how much wildlife there is especially alligators. Open Friday Saturday and Sunday. It's free. Also not far away is a small campground. I'm sure you could get a reservation if you try early enough. Nice park there and of course Lake Apopka.

  11. He could have been more specific. Like does he want a near death experience? Parts of Miami could be an "adventure".

  12. I have a magnetic phone holder I stick in the vent. Similar to this one in the link. I also have a metal backed phone case. Works great for me.

  13. Florida is an ecological disaster. The more people the worse it gets. Almost everyone who lives out in the country votes Republican. It is not uncommon to see confederate battle flags flying in the country. We get 11 times more lightening than the rest of the U.S. Tampa is the worst for lightening. Tanpa literally means lighting. Eventually you'll have to replace your appliances, electronics.

  14. I find it really funny that 2.5 million people defending themselves by their own means is considered a negative to you.

  15. He said list positives and negatives. Take it anyway you like. I am one of the 2.5 million. I also live in the country and vote red. πŸ‘ Florida doesn't need more people moving here. Tourists are good tho. πŸ‘ Keeps me from having to pay income tax. 😁

  16. I have a cheap code reader that can clear somw codes. One of the codes it can clear is the one that makes the car not start if you run it out of gas. if you haven't tried yet, read the codes, make a note of them, then clear the codes.

  17. We need better mass transit more than we need electric cars. I would love to not need my car or be able to go down to one car instead of 2.

  18. Not smoking marijuana while hiking helps. 😁Also you could really break an ankle or have a nasty fall and break an arm. Caution is wise. Take your time. Be safe. πŸ‘ I take a few seconds to size up situations like that. Make a plan and go for it.

  19. Explorer model? It has the magnifying glass and inline Phillips. Otherwise If you can remove layers, never tried it, you'll have to shorten the pins. Seems like a lot of messing around but maybe you enjoy projects like that. πŸ‘ If you do it let us know how it turned out. Worse thing to happen is buying a new knife because you had to scrap the current one.

  20. Shit, you said INFP. I read INTP because my eyes need reading glasses. I know INFPs. My daughter is an INFP. They are indescribable. 😱🀣 Being values driven is a curse to them and then the only action they have is Te but takes years to mature. My poor daughter is tortured. She wants to do stuff but finds it excruciating.

  21. Oh hell, it does say INTP. I need to get bifocal contacts. It's getting bad. That font is not that small. πŸ™„

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/2F38ugfkgYGcg

  23. I could live in my car. It's a Prius. People do that 🀣

  24. Without knowing anything about what you are eating and drinking and the intensity of your workout, it's hard to say why you experienced that or even to know what you mean by intense l pain. Was the pain during the workout? Was it in the days after the work out? Do you normally workout regularly in the same way? If you are starting a new exercise routine, you are going to hurt until you get used to it.

  25. 🀣🀣🀣 That run on is so me. Omg! I do it all the time. Have to go back and break it up later. In my old age, I tend to give people a very short answer (learned from observation of others) and then give a link to a good resource (they could have easily googled πŸ™„). Many express appreciation (for something the could have easily done themselves πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ).

  26. I dunno, but it would make for a good "getting back into dating" scene especially if she's over 50. Plucking chin hair, shaving legs, doing eye brows. To leave some bush or not to leave some bush πŸ€”

  27. Unfortunately the new place you move to will likely also have roaches. It's Florida. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  28. It’s not indoctrination to acknowledge reality β€” banning any discussion of these topics, however, is absolutely indoctrination that has literally no basis except for authoritarian, conservative Christian bullshit.

  29. Well if you'd read the article it says the discussion is not banned and that instruction is what is banned

  30. So you agree discussing those topics in class is fine. Just not instruction.

  31. What will they do when the kid with 2 dads or 2 moms has both of his parents come to the school πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ ? This is why it's important to be visible. However I sure would not want a school teaching my little kids that only straight people can go to heaven and gays go to hell. There are reasons for the rules. It's not the schools place to bring the topic up or attempt to teach it and especially not to little kids. They should be teaching math and reading, not morals based on religion or some kind of psuedoscience or questionable medical information. A lot of this revolves around transgender folks and they, unlike gays, go in for some heavy experimental medical care the long term effects of which time will tell. Schools don't need to get involved in such personal things by making it a lesson plan for 1st graders.

  32. Prius V just has a different back hatch that gives more verticle height to the back trunk. pretty much the same as a standard Prius. You lose a lot of gas mileage.

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