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  1. I bet you don't say that about Montana and the 1981 NFC Championship game. I certainly don't remember a single person talking about how lucky the 49ers were to win with that hack Montana throwing all those picks and fumbling the ball.

  2. When your back up is Steve Young or Jeff Garcia, and when it isn’t you start 95% of your games or you are the back up, you get this difference… Jimmy has started ~54 games compared to JM/SY who compared to that have over 120 starts. He’s had absolute garbage as backups that have had lots of volume due to his injury riddled history with us.

  3. Upvote to you. These anti Trey takes are bad…

  4. I think that is water with ripples, like the bay? Next game is a home game.

  5. Geno Smith was so, so much better than Wilson as a rookie.

  6. And Smith might have had the worst string of shit to work through of any QB in recent memory. As a 9ers fan, the only team that comes mind is maybe anyone going to the Browns’ disfunctional ass organization. Those early 49er teams had near zero talent on O and revolving clown show for coaching.

  7. From some of the comments I’m failing to see how Hopkins abused anyone in particular in man coverage? He had some short 5-7 yard hitches while being covered by a variety of DBs and ONE back shoulder throw early against Ward lol. Beating zone in soft spots or because the Nickle is slightly out of his spot does not mean he was roasting anyone person. That for the most part route design vs zone scheme, WR like to take credit for shit they have little impact on…

  8. i made 8k by buying out my lease and selling to Carvana

  9. Bought car for 28k in Dec 2018 on a 0% loan. Sold car to Carvana for 27.5k this past August. All their competitors were similarly offering 75% of their buying price lol.

  10. AON and MMC for consulting/insurance. ALIT for the tech/HRBPO piece of the sector

  11. Deebo will make more than CMC, Mitchell, Aiyuk, and Jennings combined next year.

  12. Catchable pass, Jimmy had to throw the ball to the back shoulder to avoid the defender

  13. That is a timing route, not a hold the ball waiting for him to run 5yds after the last move, especially at the goal line. That pass may have been thrown to protect Aiyuk, but it’s more likely a late throw. Zigs are like post ups at the goal line, since they help keep the DB on the back and help to prevent jumping the route.

  14. I used to ride (enduro) and was big into lifting. You can pretty much fit 5/3/1 into any training regimen. Depending on goals and whether you’re working towards races, you’d just focus differently. I assume that is difference between your winter and non-winter schedules, not knowing your location.

  15. This is good feedback! Previously I've done 3-4 lifting days off-season, 2 when group rides started back up and then dropped down to 1 day during race season (cyclocross). When I decided I didn't have the bandwidth for 2-a-days I drifted away from that a bit, but honestly, racing is less important to me now so I can see myself shifting to a more balanced schedule of riding and lifting year round. The bigger issue continues to be my legs feel like shit if I'm trying to gain so it makes riding a lot less fun. Were you able to make gains in season?

  16. Preface this with the fact I don’t really ride anymore. I used to live in WNC and moved away in early 2019 for work, MTB went with it due to location. I started running as a replacement, no racing or anything. My volume is still fairly high for a recreational runner imo (40+ mpw year round), especially for one that doesn’t “compete”.

  17. Wanted to post this again directly to you in the event it’s helpful in talking with your insurance or the health system:

  18. Potential denials like these occur sometimes due to the hospital wanting to get a patient involved as well. If the insurance company is a PITA or there have been couple rounds of denial, hospitals or practices sometimes use this tactic.

  19. I sold my base mustang 6spd to them for as much as I bought it brand new for in 2018 about 2 months ago. I can’t imagine being the buyer on the other end of the deal whenever it’s sold by them.

  20. They’re both obviously great players, Hill and Waddle. Around 70% of their production has come from defenses in the bottom 6-7 in yards allowed, not as a result of having faced MIA.

  21. Missing DJ Jones right about now… was he necessarily worth what Denver pays him, probably not. We might have been able to resign him for less though.

  22. Their pass play calling is ass, they have no or one receiver, and he is running for his life 50% or more of the time.

  23. Tepper is a cunt. He replaced the grass with turf and it has claimed so many ACLs in football and futball the past years. All so it is easier to have other events at the stadium. I hope EMan is good, he was walking around on the side line afterwards.

  24. Tepper is a cunt. He replaced the grass with turf and it has claimed so many ACLs in football and futball the past years. All so it is easier to have other events at the stadium. I hope EMan is good, he was walking around on the side line afterwards.

  25. Can someone tell me how Coleman looks so good? He literally looked like he had concrete in his shoes two years ago

  26. Time off from the grind? Never know what ticky tack injuries that are lingering with people.

  27. The one throw Jimmy made to Debo where he pegged the DB in the head, BA11 was on an in route over the top wide open with the DB trailing in outside leverage lol

  28. We should have never not resigned DJ. Stupid FO, 10m avg a year with Broncos was more than doable with us. The interior “availability” of where money is sunk has not been great the past couple seasons…

  29. Man, Jimmy G makes Alex Smith look like Mahomes when it comes to deep passes.

  30. People act like AS11 couldn’t chuck. Is he Mahomes? no, but he was chucking seams and corners to VD for how many years?

  31. Jimmy never earned the contract he got in the first place. The pats were willing to ship him off with Brady being ~40 years old for 2nd round pick. He was not viewed as the heir there and Shannilynch wanted him for a starter here…. Add some really significant misses on 1st round picks and it just sheds light on the weaknesses of the GM/Coach in talent (and character) evaluation.

  32. The highlight reel completely missing the best catch which was when he was at GT still. Fucking inverted on a crossing route to make the catch lol.

  33. They can only draft defense from Big 12 schools and all other players must be drafted from ACC

  34. NCState, UNC and Clemson? Not a terrible track record. Though Ekonwu….

  35. That close up was sooo uncomfortable reminded me of the one they had with Davante when he got knocked out.

  36. SIS is a serious thing with high % chance of death. It doesn’t take super violent hits on the second event. Less severe impact can definitely trigger significant damage due to the prior trauma. The amount of negligence by the team and league in this situation with Tua is appalling.

  37. SIS is a serious fucking thing. Death is a high % outcome. This is crazy negligence on NFL and the team.

  38. Lol this post game with Russ…”this championship football”, dude so fucking corny but not in a good way like LeGM

  39. Kyle might not have called a great game, but the loss is on Jimmy and Jimmy alone. Safety, missed read on a wide open fade to Deebo, missed wheel route to Deebo for a TD, missed read to McCloud on a corner route (threw the pick on the play instead making the boundary throw).

  40. The read was to #3, Jimmy is fucking blind

  41. Wrapping up is not the forte of this team. Only no-armed torpedo tackles

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