1. It’s my favourite, but I highly doubt it will win.

  2. We certainly have. I was 0/3 on my qualifying predictions for the 3rd Semi Final. And that was far less surprising than Tvorchi or Gustaph.

  3. SAME and also only one of my personal qualifiers made it (atle)

  4. Ale Jestem's more underrated IMO, if only because it deserved to win by a landslide, be universally recognised as a classic and have a permanent spot in the ESC250 top 10...

  5. that and iceland, this may only be my 10th but in almost any other year in the 90s it would’ve been in my top 5. 1997 was just amazing

  6. jamala was in poland’s dancing with the stars but i wouldn’t call her popular in poland. liza misnikova from jesc 2019 is somewhat known by younger people tho i would say? she was in the polish version of the voice kids

  7. heart of steel is way overhated and i really enjoy it

  8. you just reminded me that finland got 0 points in 1982 🥲🥲

  9. alla pugacheva’s (🇷🇺97) husband was also entered on that list and she asked to be put there as well to stand with him, but i’m not sure if she was actually put

  10. I remember this story (lol, actually I posted it here), but no, she was never recognized as a foreign agent, although she fell into unspoken disgrace.

  11. unpopular opinion here i suppose: you need to move on is my fave. might be biased tho, because write about me from 2020 should’ve won instead of uku and it upsets me lmao


  13. there were so many eurovision/nf stars in general (joker out, sara jo, albina, hurricane’s esc squad etc)

  14. Here in Sweden, there are plenty of entries that are still around even today.

  15. In Poland, entires like To Nie Ja, and Ich Troje- Żadnych Granic, are remebered pretty well by people who were grown back than, more recent entires like colors of your life and my słowanie, are remebered, since they were some of our most recent sucessess.

  16. they did some anniversary concert in polsat last year and sang a lot of their hits, keine grenzen included, and one of his exes mentioned eurovision in her speech

  17. the only thing coming to my mind is lights off but it’s probably not that

  18. yeah i like duje and heart of steel, they’re just not that strong imo

  19. What's sheni gulistvis? Doesn't ring a bell from the last decade

  20. Considering Croatia 2021 would have qualified both with only juries and only televote, it does seem like the perfect answer to an undeserved non-qualifier

  21. kinda true, maths killed her but at the same time both norway and belgium were great additions to the final 🥲

  22. unpopular opinion but atle’s song is the best! maria is good as well tho somewhat annoying to me

  23. that was my first eurovision! i used to think it was strong, but nowadays i think it was just decent. the participants were iconic though (tix, jendrik, benny, kateryna, natalia when she wasn’t with kirkorov) and i really liked the hosts & the looklab videos.

  24. I don't speak Norwegian, so I don't know how well this song would translate into English, but even though he performed it in Norwegian initially, he could still decide to sing it in English. Remember, Tix's song was originally in Norwegian and he chose to change it to English.

  25. it sounds like a typical norwegian party song and that language fits it perfectly, i hope it stays like that

  26. Think so too. Hes already pretty popular in Norway, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we got another TIX win

  27. well technically jone’s song sounds like something tix would release in 2016 💀

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