1. I totally agree with your first two sentences but I am trying to understand your concerns with Gov. DeWine (r), was he not pro issue 1?

  2. DeWine was expressly against Issue 1 and NOT pro choice at all. He and his wife did commercials to try to defeat Issue 1. More importantly, DeWine signed Ohio’s ban on all reproductive healthcare for women (I.e., Ohio’s total abortion ban) within days of Roe v Wade’s reversal. DeWine made it a campaign promise to sign the abortion ban as soon as he was able. He and all the GOP leaders in Ohio are very anti-abortion, homophobic, and misogynistic. The GOP leaders are a plague on our state!!!

  3. The networks should let this kid ask questions at the Presidential debates. AND let him have the power to cut off their mics when they talk over each other to avoid the question or are being disruptive of other candidates.

  4. In Oregon, where vote-by-mail is how all voting is done (poll booths literally aren't a thing in OR), the envelopes also say they require a stamp. However, the USPS makes a statement before every election that any voting envelope placed into a mailbox, with or without a stamp, will be delivered and counted. They want people to pay because it covers the cost of the mail service. But they will still deliver any voting envelope regardless of whether it has a stamp attached or not.

  5. I would NEVER count on the USPS to deliver my ballot without postage. It’s not our parent’s USPS. Trump’s henchman gutted the USPS so badly they can barely deliver regular mail, much less get it there on time.

  6. My boyfriend occasionally talks in his sleep. Usually, it's just mumbles or single words, but he once had a short conversation with me and I love everything about it.

  7. My main things would be safety, and job opportunity. I can do my job anywhere pretty much, but it’s still a concern of mine.

  8. After reading many of these comments I’d like to weigh in. For a young person wanting a night life, you can find that in either city. BUT … to live in a safer area that is far more affordable, Cleveland will be your best bet. The safe areas of Columbus near any sort of nightlife are expensive (German Village, Victorian Village, Short North), and the areas where there is a young affordable nightlife scene isn’t safe to walk alone. My son’s place (that he shared with 4 other guys)near the OSU campus was broken into twice and his roommate’s cars were vandalized multiple times. My son moved out after 3 months. Are there bad spots in Cleveland, yes, but those are centralize areas that any local can tell you about. Columbus seems to have issues that are more widespread. My daughter lives in German Village which is lovely and highly sought after. But they have issues with vandalism and they live by a highly sought after park there. She and her husband also make amazing salaries so they can afford to live where they want and are moving out because they don’t feel safe there anymore.

  9. The only think you are missing is to tell people to vote down the amendment the GOP are trying to pass. They are taking away Ohioian's rights one by one and making it so that we can't do anything about it. VOTE NO IN AUGUST!

  10. I would never in a million years want to move to Oklahoma — especially SE Oklahoma. It’s is one of the most racist, homophonic, sexist, backwards, dangerous places to live. Even the far right in other parts of Oklahoma refer to it as Little Dixie. People have know to go out and just disappear. It’s like stepping back in time.

  11. I get the outrage at who these guys are and what they are doing. But the only thing that will get them to stop their public harassment of people is for the rest of us to show up and stand up for the people they harass.

  12. Is he for real? Or one of those "ministers" who doesn't actually have a "congregation" and enjoys a bit of meth every now and again?

  13. Bainbridge, Chesterland, far east side of Chagrin Falls - really just about any of Cleveland's eastern suburbs that are just over in Geauga County are affordable and have lower tax rates. University Hospitals has a great facility in Gauge and there are dozens great restaurants, bars, nightlife, etc within a 5-30 minute drive. And you aren't so far that you can take advantage of a MLB, NFL or NBA game if you want.

  14. I really wish there was a way to get this worthless POS out of office. What happened to that movie that HBO (I think) was supposed to be making about Gym and the OSU sex scandal?

  15. What did happen to that documentary? I’d be happy to donate to see it come out.

  16. Quoting Jamie Raskin on an Opinion article? Whew here’s another opinion;

  17. Your posting an op-ed about Raskin's father, does nothing more than detract from the real issue - that Jim Jordan is abusing his power as chair of the oversight committee to interfere with a legitimate investigation into crimes committed by Trump. Sorry. Not taking the bait.

  18. While simultaneously he sends out fundraising notices - that (presumably) he'll use to help pay his legal fees.

  19. The kids in Minnesota look a lot happier than the Arkansas kids when Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee signed the bill to make it easier for companies to hire children to work.

  20. Where are “Thee Cleveland Proud Boys” posting? Instagram? Anyone know?

  21. Looks like Telegram from the screenshot.

  22. The East Cleveland PD and its city leaders have been severely lacking in addressing community issues for a long time. East Cleveland (not to be confused with the eastern part of the City of Cleveland) needs to clean house in more ways than just its police dept. The people of East Cleveland deserve better.

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