USA’s Regional Preferences for Curse Words

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  1. We’ve been living rent free in the minds of the brits since 1776.

  2. This proves y’all are dumb 💀 Americans being thinking UK is the only country in Europe yikes. We all dislike you

  3. I just said Brits. You assume I give a fuck bout the rest of Europe

  4. Naruto homebrew has that, in terms of chakra die and specialized dice per clan. It works better than you think

  5. I'm pondering why I, as a taxpayer, should be voting on who the fuck the sheriff is.

  6. The sheriff is a constitutional officer, and can decide the law enforcement culture of the county, how the jail is ran,and has a hand in court processes. You elect the sheriff because he has more powers provided to him compared to the regular police officer/chief.

  7. 1 and #2 are good. I think you need to have number 2 going on in the background and instead of one god make it a group of gods, Mogis, erebos and athreos that wants to release the titans. I’m currently running a MOoT, I’m having them hear rumors of a politician peace loving minotaur who’s trying to make the city safe by disarming Meletis, and preventing anyone entering the city with weapons. My party is gonna come back from a quest and be stopped at the gate by the guards. Some time later, meletis is going to be attacked by Mogis’s minotaur/dragon/ monsters army lead by the politician.

  8. Yeah, I think will do a mix of #1 and #2, like you and others said. Just remember me please, wich module is MOoT?

  9. The academy also warns you about the deadly trunk monkey. Doesn't mean it actually happens. :joy:

  10. Y’all had monkeys? We had to look anywhere a midget could hide!

  11. Yea well it’s a pretty valid reason for SWAT to show up, but them larping as soldiers is a bit much

  12. Depends on the location, where I yield from, that camo would be more efficient than wearing the black/navy blue. Just cause we are in woods more often. Now if this was New York City , diff story.

  13. Twice with my current department. They weren’t hiring and I was fresh out of the academy. The second time was when I had an In to the department.

  14. In the US, keep that strap on you. You don’t want want to be the loser who brought a knife to. A gun fight, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Hope and pray you don’t need it but be prepared, have it just in case.

  15. I keep my gun with me at all times when traveling, never have I flashed it or needed to in the past 5 years of me owning my firearm. But I got my family with me, if I need to I will. Be sensual with the weapon and follow the rules of only point it at things you’re willing to destroy, take self defense courses so you know or be better adapt as to when you can and shouldn’t pull a weapon on someone. I’m advocating for people to protect themselves and protect their family.

  16. Manticore or chimera. Who needs dragons when you have furry monster creatures spliced by the devil himself

  17. Gotcha it’s about fitting thematically and fitting mechanically

  18. I'm not a lawyer either but if it were me, I would anticipate a warrant being issued. Georgia takes traffic violations seriously. My son got a speeding ticket and they booked him and printed him. 55 in a 40.

  19. When you sign the citation you sign in lieu of going to jail. You agree to go to either take care of the citation prior or go to court. Pre covid, they’d issue a FTA warrant, but post covid most places just suspend the drivers license until they pay the citation and then they can go reinstate their license

  20. We taste one and check how high it gets us. If it makes us make a Taco Bell it’s a felony

  21. My dad owns a golden doodle, they’re not that bad it’s how you train them and interact with them

  22. Depends on how the relationship ended, she cheated? Na you got it, y’all just weren’t a good fit? Eh maybe.

  23. how many times a man can cum before dying of exhaustion

  24. I’m at 16, before it started hurting will update you when I go for more

  25. Shit, pussy, hell, damn and bitch are all very Southern apparently.

  26. What else are you supposed to say while workin on your truck so you can go pick up your baby mama some cigarettes and a couple of lotto tickets?

  27. I'm gonna go with default answer of when you don't see things on Beyond; and say you don't own the corresponding book to see w.e it is you trying to see

  28. If I own a physical copy is there a way I can scan a code and gain access of it in the app? I’d like to use roll 20 but I can’t justify buying odyssey of theros a second time just to use dnd beyond

  29. Google Paulding’s court clerk contact and ask.

  30. This is the only answer that OP should be listening to.

  31. In Tennessee citation is in lieu of arrest, therefore if you don’t sign it you are arrested. Signing it doesn’t admit guilt, just means you agree to appear for court if you decide not to take care of it beforehand.

  32. Same in GA. We can write covid to avoid signing it. But na you gonn sign it or sign a bond sheet at the jail

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