1. I wish, almost nothing in our lodge can be paid for by card and it annoys me to no end, this includes dues.

  2. As a recorder I billed everything back to my commandery this year (not even a lodge) to show how much we were paying in postage sending physical checks back and forth. I swear lodges single handedly keep the postal service in business

  3. Small lodge here. The problem we are running into is funding. We don't have thr money to do what we want to drive recruitment, and as others have mentioned, its the same 4 dudes showing up to do things. Average age of my lodge is like 55.

  4. I like the idea of this program a lot. I am going to try to sign up when it is available

  5. I personally want a Duel Membership. A fight to first blood to see which lodge has to put up with me.

  6. I have a hundo smeargle. I hate it.

  7. I considered becoming best friends with my Smeargle just to say I did

  8. I haven't seen a pidgey since I stopped playing in 2018. Started again this year and I kinda miss them.

  9. Bro are you me? I stopped in 2018 and picked it up again a month or two ago and miss the caterpie, weedle, and pidgey spawns

  10. If that’s the case then we’re all you. Because pidgey spawns haven’t been a thing for years

  11. Just because of this I left mine at a gym today to shed pidgey love with the world

  12. I think the question here is, why the need to maintain numbers that were artificially inflated in the post-war years and are now returning to normal operating levels?

  13. Because the business model of most lodges is dependent on a large number of members. Lodges of 100-200 members can afford 50 in dues and still maintain a nice building but as numbers dwindled, deferred maintenance, and not aggressive endowment, and low dues have left 20 guys paying 50 a year trying to keep beautiful old buildings up to code

  14. Agreed. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of attending a local TO lodge in white tie and tails.

  15. I don't even know where to get a white tie outfit but I do have a tux

  16. To be fair at least where I live Mystic does tend to run the gyms

  17. It allowed me to take a new job that raised my salary from 150k to 238k. I had certs from Scrum Alliance before but it was required for the new role.

  18. Jeeze where are these SM jobs? I am a senior and make no where near this

  19. Seattle. My wife makes 150k as a SM, she earned her cert about a 1.5 years ago and is on her second contract. My base is 170k with a 58k bonus last year and hoping for more this year. No kids and no mortgage so we are able to save a fair bit for retirement each year :) Elyon International, Quardev, TekSystems are some of the agencies I have worked under before I was hired full time. They all paid similar salaries.

  20. Ah but if you are a contractor you get Jack for benefits right? I am trying figure out why I am a senior PjM/SM making 50K less than you.

  21. Did you only pull two? Like I am awestruck people are getting these high numbers

  22. Since I'm in Canada, the correct term I should be using is Craft Lodge and not Blue Lodge. But I embrace the fact that most y'all are Muricans.

  23. I remember more than a couple of those characters. We had some fun times!

  24. I came here to say this. Your first suit should be a black one and if you can only have one suit let it be black.

  25. In 2022 no man should be buying a 3 button jacket.

  26. Well if you are taller and thin then a three button might look better on you, or at least you can pull it off.

  27. You have to admit that this sub contains people of a higher than average caliber. I noticed the other day. I was told there is no such thing as a perfect mason other than the jars under the sink.

  28. Why do you keep your mason jars under the sink? I keep mine above the dryer... like a gentleman should!

  29. Okay, devils advocate here. I lived in a high rise condo once and my direct downstairs neighbor was constantly grilling and smoking. Now, I had no issue, we became good drinking buddies over it, but other people didn't like it, as they would leave their slider open for fresh air just to be assaulted by plumes of meat smoke. So, is it really an insurance issue, or the pussies way of pleasing the masses over a few irritated tenants. Also, not everyone likes that smoke, so I get it. Discuss...

  30. If that were the case I could see banning charcoal/smokers but but gas is clean burning most times so should have the huge smoke problems (unless the grates are horribly dirty or something)

  31. You can't always trust people not to burn their food or start a grease fire either... it is controversial isn't it?

  32. Oh well once you add humans to any problem all bets are off:

  33. I can speak for myself, if time allows, and the environment is correct, I try to mark up the trackables when I'm at a cache, as Discovered or The trackable is missing from the container. Again, depending upon the environment, I'm not going through a dozen trackables or more (airport travel bug hotels) to "correct" the inventory. This, I believe, falls upon the geocache owner to police his/her cache.

  34. I do this too. I don't take very many (I have one in the wild and one in my possession I am about to release again soon) but everyone I find if I have time I log as discovered if for nothing but peace of mind for the owner

  35. Having done many interviews those questions should be answered and if not ask them! We love questions that show genuine interest.

  36. Oh man I didn't know about this! I am a general but don't have access to an HF rig or I would totally represent!

  37. I know more than a couple of those suspicious looking brothers

  38. I am in the weird place where my team is right but my management is filled with false hope because of consultants.... so yeah the tums or gin every night

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