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  1. Interesting, they also have Gobekli Tepe which is dated to the last Ice Age, they must have been something else for real man. We don't give our ancestors enough credit.

  2. Watch ancient apocalypse on Netflix. Sounds lame but it's very interesting.

  3. What is this project? Starting to consider this as spam on this sub. You post with nothing more than a made up story. What's the purpose here? This isn't a sellers board.

  4. You can't really retreat to "we're both right!" after trying to correct someone.

  5. Let alone implies a simpler task than the former. Maybe get choked out less and you'll recognize a simple error upfront. Or don't.

  6. No, it's the complete opposite. The former should be the simpler task, not the latter.

  7. "Used to emphasize that something is more impossible than another thing"

  8. Put the crack pipe down champ... paying 50% more for a product due to political bullshit is not "fine" by any measure. There's a lot of people suffering because the administration is attacking fossil fuels. Might not be you or me but pretending a problem doesn't exist just because it's not a problem for you is a special kind of stupid.

  9. People don't realize how abnormal it is to see a product increase by 50% (in some cases, 100%) in 10 years. Seen it with deli meat. But I don't eat sandwiches, so it's fine.

  10. assertive? damn bro. I stopped smoking years ago because it made me hate myself and feel like I was always doing something wrong lol.

  11. if you plan on reselling keep it stock or keep the stock parts on hand so you can revert it back to stock when you sell it. the aftermarket parts are only gonna hurt it’s value, nobody wants your project car. reverting it back to stock would keep its value and you could make some more on reselling the aftermarket parts on their own.

  12. I've kept my 8th gen si oem/stock since day 1 for this reason. Works exactly as Honda intended.

  13. I’ve been giving it the same foliar fertilization as my Nepenthes, 1/4 dilution MaxSea, about twice a month. I’ve had the top (edit: lid!) on it so super humid, I was thinking maybe giving it more air might darken it up some also? Maybe a less dilute foliar fertilizer?

  14. Air flow will encourage the growth to be less strangly

  15. Nepenthes pitchers are neither fruit nor flower. They are part of the leaf.

  16. Blue light/red light is the main factor in any growth of plants. Not saying humidity is not a factor but light is the energy/food the plant requires to develop healthy leaves (and pitchers).

  17. There’s more to photosynthesis than just light. Humidity plays an important role in the photosynthetic process because it affects respiration.

  18. Yeah, classic downvote for stating the fact that light is important.

  19. Can't tell which is higher valued. Left item seems expensive, but the right item seems very expensive too.

  20. ive been summoned, the moss is absolutely gorgeous

  21. I'm sure someone can specify which is better. I am not a chemist, and I can't recall why I chose plus over the other. Perhaps it was a better price online. Fertilize in true moderation. I think people get overzealous with fertilizing. It only takes 1 pearl. A buddy of mine uses good ole 10-10-10 on his monstera. It yielded a beautiful growth and showed no harm. Everything is good in moderation.

  22. Ah ok cool. I wasn’t sure if you had some secret sauce regarding nutrients haha. Yeah a single pellet in the mature plant pitchers is usually great, but I’ve got mostly immature plants so they seem to not like it so much. I think MaxSea is even NPK, maybe 16-16-16? I’m using that on the little ones for now and it seems to be ok. They’re growing at least lol

  23. Neps grow slowly. They aren't your typical auto flowers. Yields are slow 🐌

  24. You would be wrong about that.

  25. How so? It has been nearly said before. Perhaps not literally/or by verbatim, but "anti-vet" is pretty on par with what is expressed here. No fault to that, but this is a fact and the proof is in post and comment history.

  26. This is kind of a condescending way of educating someone reaching out for help :/

  27. lol the mod/lord ruler and creator of these lands blessed be flips name, is 97% like this on all of their responses.

  28. It's pretty easy: While even longer periods of dryness don't kill it, you should keep it wet for it to actually grow. Just put it on a thin layer of peat moss and make sure it gets enough water and sunlight.

  29. You dont even need the peat moss fyi. It doesn't have a root structure. Adding a layer of peat os a waste of material and time.

  30. Is it as prolific as I hear that it is? I’d like to use it as organic material and I’m going to need tons of it

  31. I scrolled waaay too far to find this. Insurance is a quagmire of greed, idiocy, talk speak, corruption and conditions. BUT, if you’re insured, this type of situation is why. Godspeed OP. Blessed be.

  32. What is talk speak? Having a silver tongue?

  33. Some species of Nepenthes recieve nitrogen from other critters droppings, in return the pitcher hosts as a place to sleep/hunt etc.

  34. No sir, just Google how to finish darce choke Uline T-shirt Rags.

  35. Either is fine. I prefer pear moss and perlite. Long fiber sphagnum moss is a royal PITA to remove when repotting. You have to be very careful you don't damage the roots. Ask me how I know! I tried it on a few plants, never again.

  36. Submerge your plants medium/"root ball" in distilled or low tss water. Gently break apart allowing the water to infiltrate the entire medium mass. You should be able to easily pull and divide.

  37. Perlite and peat moss just fall away VERY easily. That is not happening with LFSM. And so what if it's messy.

  38. For more context, my nepenthes sits under a grow light for 14 hours and the humidity is kept at 75 and above in the cabinet I have them in. I would really appreciate if someone could identify what these bumps are.

  39. Not certain but it could be edema; or a similar occurrence.

  40. Or at least bend it to a point where it cannot close. Anyone can drive without a door. Not many people can drive with an open door that won't close.

  41. It's always been a thing, just easier to document with social media

  42. Lack of consequences today is at the core of lack of responsibilities.

  43. Should have given it to the dog. Really test the doc.

  44. Go figure (4). A guy walking out like this would definitely call left foot green circle. Typical.

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