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  1. Managarmr yes. Don't think the drakes though. Happy hunting.

  2. That is actually interesting as fuck. Thank you.

  3. Totally accept what you're saying, but no, let's not burn the coal. As Jonathan Swift said (for different reasons), "Burn everything English, except the coal".

  4. You replied in the wrong area, but, I caught it.

  5. I was incredibly drunk last night and talking complete shit about something I had completely misunderstood. I apologise.

  6. Well yes, forges used to be hand-forged.

  7. I bet some people forged with their feet.

  8. I bet some feets forged with their people. Wait

  9. I don't see the problem. She looks strong as fuck. Nuff respec

  10. Watch out for the spike pit Bob. Bob?

  11. Either dismount a tame pointing left or right to force a save, or else open the command console at pause menu and type 'saveworld'. I save constantly after losing so much progress.

  12. Pros Longneck: easier to hit at range with. Can load for damage or tranking. Shocking track darts.

  13. The opportunity that never stops giving

  14. Definitely higher than I am. But that is a kite so maybe I can catch up.

  15. He's a stooge and probably doesn't care as much as you think.

  16. I don't think he cared at all. I don't think you can be at that level and not be bought and paid for.

  17. No, talking about Snowden.

  18. But he opened a door that paints the whole tiktok argument ridiculous

  19. The evidence that drug use is widespread in Westminster is that it’s on

  20. Fantastic. I'd forgotten that. Thank you for the link.

  21. Learning from a mistake is no bad thing tbf. But this supercilious cunt gets no credit for lying. Trying to buy the grey vote. 'Hoodie-wearers' was the last forray by David of Cameron. It's all just distraction pieces. The point, surely, is why do people do these things, not how can we criminalise them. If this was sincere then it would be alcohol being banned.

  22. That hair is really something. Where can I buy that?

  23. Was worth it. That pup is beautiful

  24. This is for a server. What I've found is that setting MaxGateFrameOnSaddles in the .ini is the way to do that on a server but it still doesn't work. :(

  25. Jesus Christ. What a complete cunt.

  26. Is there perhaps an option instead for, mild injury or sense of slight achievement?

  27. True. That's when I start building my raft trap.

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