Amazon CEO says company won't take down antisemitic film

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  1. The usual 'was a long term WON subscriber' joke used in the context of Belgium being eliminated from the World Cup, coupled with a picture of Stormzy that was mistakenly cited by a UK newspaper as being a picture of Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku.

  2. Stomzy and Lukaku look eerily alike though.

  3. The basement is mourning serious Regal, like somehow comedy Regal wasn't his best version. As good of a wrestler as he is, Regals best moments are all doing comedy bits, like when he wrestled Goldberg.

  4. Idk why your being downvoted so much , lol they don’t bring her back until the final season. Teds sister has one episode and he’s the main character, so you have a point. All the other siblings to the characters are featured often

  5. She appears once, but they mention her a few times during the course of the series.

  6. It's been awhile since I've seen that episode, but I thought that was the point of the line. She was being snarky about how old they were.

  7. The snarky stuff about Myspace happened at Barney's wedding.

  8. I could say he would be the best dock ock on movies/show/games if Alfred Molina wasnt god tier. Its like Willem Dafoe you just cant beat them but definetly a great version of the character. 2nd best imo.

  9. The best Ock was in Spectacular Spider-Man in my books.

  10. And now, for anyone watching for the first time, there are going to be references to that episode in other episodes that will either go over their head entirely or confuse them.

  11. I am so glad I didn't watch the series on Amazon.

  12. I thought bikini contests were a thing of the RA era Uce.

  13. The photo isn't as flattering for her I guess.

  14. The expectation is that you'd want Topaz to export at a high quality, and then you can run it through Handbrake or something to lower it to your desired quality/size.

  15. Hama should be last I think, then Katara since she was a natural at bloodbending but still didn’t practice, then Yakone, then Amon

  16. I would argue the most powerful feat of bloodbending is taking bending away from others.

  17. Ah great. He'll earn my yearly salary in an hour!

  18. Udhadu vallikka konjanumae nu oru line varumae

  19. 12 was really well contested. Morgana only really won it in the last episode.

  20. This is what non-wrestling fans think wrestling is. Thanks Tony!

  21. WWE out here making Emmy worthy storylines with The Bloodline and Tony screwing the pooch for everyone.

  22. Although I agree Marvel actors are not “Movie Stars” in the same way Marlon Brando and Audrey Hepburn were, I think it is more because the film industry itself has changed. I don’t think there are any actors who could pull a profit solely on their name alone. In an era of franchises and massive releases in every quarter, I think the era of “Movie Stars” is dead.

  23. If people really want to compare, they should look at the South Indian film industry as an example.

  24. I was so happy when they weren't interested in football...

  25. She was honestly stupid to go around telling everyone because now she is going to get exposed for watching them like a creep lol

  26. Nah, she gonna present it like they were doing it on the couch and got caught.

  27. Now continue saying that for almost every celebrity.

  28. Hemsworth and Henry Cavill have been pretty open about how they have had to do unnatural things to achieve the physique seen on screen.

  29. It happens every single week, it's people maybe checking out the start or waiting for something else to start, etc

  30. Where can I find the Raw/SD breakdown? It will be interesting to see the difference.

  31. The funny thing is only the IWC gives a shit.

  32. Is this "drama" really over just one slap ?

  33. The only drama is the drama that is happening in this sub.

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