1. To quote Dawkins, we cheat every time we put a rubber on. The race is still about dumb selfish genes dying with the most copies but we're smarter.

  2. Is that the exact quote or am I too dumb to understand it?

  3. Já tentei duas vezes e senti que "estraguei" a dose, não tive sensação mais intensa e nem mais longa, não senti quase nada e durou bem menos também. (Tenho pouca experiência e posso ter feito errado)

  4. After being told to sashay away I want a Queen to be cunt enough to say ‘I disagree’ or just straight up say ‘no.’

  5. I wish someone would just walk to the back of the stage and join the other girls and start singing "TO TO TO, TO THE MOON" pretending the episode is over and she wasn't eliminted.

  6. the world's foremost leader in longevity research, Harvard's David Sinclair, takes it every day for this purpose along with NAD and some other stuff

  7. Does metformin make you lose hair?

  8. Town full of old virgin men and the bodies of two women disappear. I shudder to think.

  9. She was 16 when they first met. Engaged at 19... Married a few months later, right after she turned 20. He was 13 years older than her.

  10. He was only 33?? Man, those genes are rough

  11. Ellen did some shitty things but she isn't as despicable as Corden

  12. That mullet is so on brand for him

  13. One of many possibilities could be a csf leak. Hope you find out an answer

  14. Why? Can anyone explain wtf is going on with certain MUAs in UK? Why is everyone yellow/orange?? Whenever I see beef lips with orange foundation and tons of bronzer, I can only think of UK.

  15. Think of it like those indian MUAs turning the women white because they think they're more attractive that way. Flip it around. It's the same thing

  16. Her album SlutPop is none stop bangers tho

  17. Yep, no skips, despite having that guy as producer

  18. I’m old. I thought Kim Petras and Ava Max were the same person.

  19. I would wager, given that she cannot be identified and was found in a motel room, that she is a prostitute from out of town. Her family likely either disowned her (and doesn't care to find out) or already hadn't heard from her in years (and cannot know). Without asking every person in America, there's nothing more the police can do to identify her.

  20. I still don't know who Maren Morris is

  21. It’s insane! I saw some pics of her era with Guy ritchie, man, she looked so good! She kept that look and she would’ve been golden at this age!

  22. Meanwhile Guy Ritchie still looks like a DILF

  23. Só ficar com a criança em casa o dia todo, resolvido. Esse povinho vai amar

  24. Nas particulares tão fingindo que não sabem de nada

  25. Do it. Season 1 is one of the best things ever. And then just imagine to yourself where the story could go from there...

  26. I think season 2 is also very solid but stop at that, don't even try with S3, it's not worth it

  27. Season 2 was a masterpiece. I’ve never met anyone else who liked it but I thought the layers and layers of “who’s really ‘real’ and who’s the ‘robot’” philosophy that the androids developed and mused about at the humans was really, really well done. It was even better the second time I watched it.

  28. Yeah, they slapped another protagonist with another villain, another setting and for what?

  29. What percentage of those no's get a second offer?

  30. Yeah...people will just swipe to the next queen, there's plenty of them now

  31. It’s a comb hammer for dressing stone.

  32. India Ferrah (not joking, she went by Anetra Ferrah for a while)

  33. Luxxx is growing so much on me, I love the messiness

  34. Salina deserved a top spot. Her performance was good.

  35. Can we get a flair for the Swedish queens please 👏🏻 My top picks for the season are Fontana, Admira and Santana, powerhouses! ❤️‍🔥

  36. Fontana, Admirana and Santana, the powerpuff girls

  37. Naysha is a great queen who serves the community and gives back so much. I really admire her.

  38. She's doing a better job than the show at letting us get to know the queens this season. Naysha for S15 Miss Congeniality.

  39. Seriously, Roscoes would be dead in the water without her

  40. Uber black tem a opção de pedir pro motorista ficar em silêncio

  41. Violet looks great and that's the only comment to be made here

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