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  1. The news is this: $ATOS is trading at a deep discount! This is a multi-bagger. Endoxifen works, we already know it works, and once the FDA says that you won't see prices like this again.

  2. They are retreating so quickly they'd have to fire it ahead of their retreat to have it land on the front line.

  3. But of course! By the time it comes back down, the only thing left of the Russian is the trail of piss that fell down his pants leg

  4. Maybe if they'd made a threat with nuclear weapons? If they do that one more time surely Ukraine will surrender

  5. Yes. This is true. However in any other order. It would still be in order. We are familiar with abc's because that is just the common way to do it. But if we as a culture and civilization grew up with zgftwqmatbvepoklucsrhnjxy it would feel natural to say that instead

  6. Why don't we pair related voiced/voiceless acoustics— d with t, z with s, b with p, g with k, that sort of thing. And get rid of c; it's strictly redundant. Also, w deserves its own name, not some derivative of another letter that's not even fucking accurate. I'm calling it Woowewoohoo from now on. The vowels are places at the end in order of mouth placement, and whoever thought "and sometimes y" was a good idea needs to suck a fat one. Finally, I would break Elemeno into four different letters.

  7. What the fuck would you do in Oregon? Not to mention the little bit of the southeast corner. Come to Washington, we've got $15/hr minimum wage, beautiful Seattle Skylines and Apples as far as the eye can see. New York may be called The Big Apple; but that was because the name wasn't chosen first when it was Washington's turn to pick a Nickname. Washington produces more apples per year than NY Ever does. IT deserves the name Big Apple. You know what? FUCK Washington. "The Evergreen State" is the most generic and BS Nickname I've ever fucking heard. Be proud of the fruit of your labors instead of a nuisance tree that gets pissed off and jizzes its needles in your shoes whenever you go camping. You are a fucking piece of shit Washington.

  8. Take your damn politics and get the fuck out of this sub.

  9. That's true as well. I think the very fact that we aren't born believing in God is proof that free will is a divine right. So then why do so many fallible human beings seem to think it's OK to force those beliefs on others when infallible God does not?

  10. Profoundly saddened by the immense suffering of altar boys as a result of the Catholic Church, and equally confident that those priests who fuck little boys have been moved to a different parish seriously.

  11. Guy is talking about abolishing my health care at the VA. I served 12 years active duty and went to Afghanistan. He’s spent 5 years trying to dismantle democracy and brought a minor across state lines for sex.

  12. Wait, for real? They get paid $4k per month USD equivalent to be out there?

  13. Good promotional video for Russia's mobilization efforts.

  14. What the fuck happens here? It looks like someone massacred a bunch of people and spray painted Russian Z shit everywhere

  15. Are you asking about how to challenge them intellectually, or how to guide them into college?

  16. Привіт! The concept of gendered words is very important in Ukrainian, so it’s imperative that you get this concept down now because you will see it in essentially every part of the language.

  17. I'm looking for the bong. Is it that white bottle front and center? I can't tell

  18. Is she going to be one of the mail-order brides? If so, how much is she willing to pay for someone to tolerate her? Because I could use my own international airport...

  19. FYI to OP. Rout is a disorderly retreat. Route is path taken from point A to B.

  20. So... when UA roots out the rout route, will they root for the route the router roots out?

  21. It has taken me a long time to realize that my evasion and “little lies” were learned at my parents’ hand because I couldn’t actually tell them anything without getting in trouble… it fucked up quite a few relationships before I learned that lesson, and began to make an effort to actually be honest, instead of telling people what I thought they wanted to hear to keep myself in their good graces

  22. I wasn't hit, but the emotional abuse, neglect, and psychological control tactics I felt. I still struggle with this, and I'm in my 40s

  23. What's weird is that without the physical abuse, there's nothing concrete to latch onto and say "this is why." There's just an inexplicable lack of an urge to talk to either of them... I live 3000 miles from my mom; my dad died ten years ago and the frequency of my reaching out to him hasn't changed.

  24. Hey I feel ya, gerrymandering is the only way brad wenstrup wins in my district, same for Steve chabot.. just split the city of Cincinnati to keep the minorities from actually affecting the vote!? Like cincinnati is actually a progressive and democratic leaning area. But since our voting districts look like a damn amoeba, you’d never know. Gerrymandering is muting the voice of the people. It’s obnoxious.

  25. Same with Matt Gaetz. I'm ashamed to be "represented" by that botched abortion. And Desantis? I can't imagine the yoga this guy does every day to be able to suck the shit out of his own ass

  26. "The Russian army is not strong, it is just long. We will eat them slowly, like a salami."

  27. I started from zero in spring, not even knowing the alphabet, and I can do simple sentences with some confidence by now. You definitely need more than Duolingo to properly learn the language, but it's a good start.

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