1. This is… “Conservative zen”? Because the only one hand clapping I hear is on a dick in front of underage girls at a bowling alley.

  2. Presumably the story goes that she was a paid escort that was somehow found by Cruz and put into office.

  3. She needs to done down the crazy a bit, just long enough to get the VP slot then she will go eve more bat shit insane than before

  4. Let's not give any ideas and don't illustrate them as picture books for the GOP either. Might use these ideas.

  5. It's going to continue to happen because it's cheaper to pay a fine than it is to pay workers the wages that they deserve. It's also going to continue to happen until executives are held accountable and actually serve some jail time for when they break these laws companies are not people people need to be held responsible when companies break the law

  6. Feels like a long shot in America. Could happen in countries over in Europe.

  7. True, problem is at least in America most believe it no longer exists now.

  8. Wage stagnation over decades, who would've thought? Oh yeah everyone.

  9. It's all very surprising isn't it. No one saw this coming like we did.

  10. It's probably on the table. Corporations could make a lot of money off of this.

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