FBI Sought Top Secret Nuclear Documents in Search - Washington Post

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  1. I’m afraid that even after this, his diehard supporters will claim that it was planted.

  2. Uhh i hate it so much and i'm a girl. My friends do it to me, people at festivals but thank god not really guys! It drives me crazy, it some random day your parents had sex really like if we get this deep you can literally just plan a kid's zodiac sign lol. I'm a gemini and apparently that means something. i like to respond that I have same bday as Donald Trump (I really do) so what does that mean for us? lol we are the same??

  3. Right? It takes minimal critical thinking for the entire thing to unravel.

  4. I’ve noticed a lot of it among girls nowadays for whatever reason. My friend believes in it 100%, she refuses to look at actual evidence, or lack there of. But these are also the same people who were fascinated by supposedly being able to balance a broom “because of the position of the moon.” And as annoying as these fads are, I kind of appreciate them because they provide a dead giveaway to let you know said person is a complete dumbass

  5. In my experience it’s usually those who are not particularly well-educated in science who try to make these arguments. I was discussing astrology (unrelated to dating) with my sister and she said something to the effect of “well the moon’s gravity affects the tides so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that the planets and stars could affect our personality.”

  6. I think it's 2022 and we need to get past the idea that double-texting = inherently desperate.

  7. If your guy best friend isn’t responding to you he isn’t your best friend

  8. I love these overly simplistic takes. Adults get busy and don't always respond immediately. When you have a job, a house, school, and responsibilities, sometimes things slip through the cracks.

  9. Well it's not really any of those issues, I never spammed her. The thing is girl was the one who gave me her number, so I text her on whatsapp to say hey I'm the guy you met on the app. Then she was like hey there and asked what I was up to , then I said just chilling watching some show and You?. Then she didn't respond since like 6 pm. The message is still on delivered.

  10. This isn't directed at you in particular, but the "not much, you?" response and its equivalents are incredibly boring. I've personally stopped talking to girls who can't carry on a conversation without basically repeating my question back to me.

  11. That's fair, I guess my answer was pretty general 🤔. Honestly conversation over text is something I struggle with😥

  12. You and me both man. I wish I was better at it too.

  13. I should point out that most people on both sides of the debate fully agree that there should be a point where the mother is no longer permitted to abort a pregnancy. The only real disagreement is when that should be.

  14. I wrote a paper about this in one of my classes in college. Basically, my argument was that few if any reasonable people would think that it’s fine to abort a pregnancy the day before the due date (barring some sort of life threatening situation) because that is a fully formed, viable human life.

  15. The only “game“ that I was aware of is that interactive Black Mirror special. I would 100% have played Netflix games had a known that they existed. How terrible is their marketing that the vast majority of people don’t even know it exists?

  16. Isn't this the same group who thought conservatives would be so triggered by "Drumpf"? The "Let's Go Brandon" catch phrase exists 100% because of the media trying to cover up people's dislike of Biden. A reporter tried to gaslight the audience (maybe on behest of her producer) by saying that a crowd chanting clear as day "Fuck Joe Biden" was saying "Let's Go Brandon."

  17. Wild stuff. Serious question: what would have happened if Trump was on the premises and guns were pointed at him? Would Secret Service have an obligation to take action, or does the FBI take precedence? As far as I’m aware that would be unprecedented, but I’m curious if there’s protocol for that in place.

  18. Probably the FBI would have a chat with the SS and they would handle the president into a safe location away from the raid.

  19. Makes sense, and is probably the most logical approach.

  20. What’s a good high yield savings account? And would I be able to do the Roth IRA in one go? Like just out the 6k up front? Thanks!

  21. I personally use M1 Finance Plus but there is an annual fee for some of the other services I use. Marcus by Goldman Sachs is a good choice. Current yields are 1.5% and will likely go up as the Fed continues to raise rates.

  22. So if my monthly spending is 2k I could put 12k into a hys, 6 k into my roth ira and keep the remaining 15k in savings? Or could I also just put that into a retirement fund? Sorry for al the questions I literally have no one to ask any of this except my friends who don’t have salary jobs ahhh

  23. You could leave $6,000 of the $12,000 for next year’s Roth contribution, then “live” off the extra $6,000 for a few months while you front load your employer’s 401k with a high contribution rate. For example, if you contributed 50% of your income into your 401k for 3 months, that’s a little over $6,000 in 401k contributions and you can supplement that income with your savings.

  24. A 5.4% loan is right at the threshold where you could make a case for going either way. You’d almost certainly end up with more net worth if you invested the windfall in the market based on past market performance. But I think there’s a psychological peace of mind that comes from having no debt, mortgage included, that is compelling.

  25. In general, “guaranteed” pensions have poorer returns than self-directed investments.

  26. I’d look at selling some stuff around the house before going the credit card route (not even sure that’s possible in the first place). Getting another job can also help, assuming you get paid before the 15th.

  27. This sounds like a good scenario for the debt snowball method. List your debts smallest to largest (ignoring interest rate), make minimum payments on everything but the smallest one, and attack the smallest one. Once that one is gone, roll that payment into the next smallest one. Repeat until all of the debt is paid off.

  28. I was hoping I wasn’t in too deep to try this method (I did it once before but with much less debt).

  29. What is your annual income? $30,000 is a good chunk of change but should be doable on most incomes with enough discipline and sacrifice. That’s not to say it’ll be easy, just that you’re not “in too deep.” You got this!

  30. I’d talk to a small business attorney for the logistics for your area. They’ll cover things like what sort of tax entity you need to create. They should also be able to advise of what deductions you can take, etc.

  31. Ultimately the sign on bonus isn’t “yours” until you reach a year. I’d keep that in a HYSA until the one-year mark then pay off the debt, then keep the remainder of your cash for your emergency fund.

  32. I would not invest the money into the stock market on a 2-year time horizon. There’s too much uncertainty on that short of a timeframe.

  33. Every dollar you don’t contribute to your 401k is a dollar that can compound at ~8% for a long time. Personally I’d loan towards the loan.

  34. Earning $43,200 per year in the Bay Area will make it pretty hard to buy a property by yourself, if not impossible. If you have a huge down payment it could be doable, but you’d probably need ~50% to make it feasible.

  35. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re suggesting. Certainly not absurd in my opinion. The interest you’d pay would be negligible so it’s neither here nor there.

  36. Lenders will ask for your most recent pay stubs and/or bank statements as part of the underwriting process. You should be fine.

  37. Ultimately, it’s going to depend on what you value. A $28,000 raise when you make $72,000 is pretty substantial. I’m guessing that an 80-mile round-trip commute would change your 40-minute daily commute to a ~90-minute daily commute, or 50 more minutes commuting per day.

  38. Time in the market beats timing the market. Keeping cash in your Roth IRA deprives you of time in the market, and would more than likely lead to worse returns than keeping cash to “buy the dip.“

  39. This is what happens when kids are brought up not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality.

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