1. Sounds like allergic response to high amount of accutane you are taking. It's good to tell the doctor, because 120 mg is a lot.

  2. it’s not an allergic response. it’s just skin sensitivity. i’ve been on 120mg before, this is my second round of it after 2 years

  3. I don't think anything bad could have happened. The doses in multivitamins are very small when compared to that in accutane.

  4. It's great! Could I use it as profile picture for my steam?

  5. Thanks! Really beautiful work, especially the eyes! :)

  6. Really lovely art! Love that expressive face! :D

  7. Won't that just make you unmotivated for the rest of day, cause all you actually wait for is the next day? You will just bruteforce everything and just wait for that next dose of sleep to repeat the vicious cycle.

  8. Sorry, no idea. I always read on random sites I find on Google. :P

  9. Here we go - The original Chad Thundercock

  10. To me, Lelouch would see Eren as a weak idiot. Literally, wiping the whole world out of existence for your own definition of freedom?

  11. Amazing Asuka! Love tsundere face in the first picture!

  12. Kinda cringe bro, noone is keeping you in your room, just go meet people.

  13. So that's proof that Monika never killed her, just dumped her into shitty gaming ads!

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