1. With the bug affecting special research about adding new friends, I know like a week ago they said they were “investigating”. I just unlocked Thousand Year Slumber and now I can’t even work on it. I’ve only been playing for 3 months, so I don’t know about bugs in the past, but when there have been issues like this in the past, how long do they typically take to fix them?

  2. I have that same issue and it’s bothering me! I’ve added over 10 friends already

  3. The “Make a new friend” field research is not working. I’ve added 10 friends today and still haven’t completed that task. Any ideas?

  4. I remember getting my first Bulbasaur!! It was fun going to the park and seeing tons of people playing!

  5. Lol 🤣😂 every time! And then the slow clap is worse

  6. I would also hold on to it if it’s my best one.

  7. If you were invited just contact ig by shaking your phone and reporting a problem. You might have to do it a few times. I reported the problem (shaking phone) while on that page (screenshot) and they fixed it within a week.

  8. I had 200k on reels, now 2k hahaha. There is a 2 week shadowban too, it dependes on which rule u broke. Mine was about selfharm/suicide (had nothing to do with it but insta is stupid) and they are really harsh on that

  9. How did you know the reason? I’ve been shadowbanned for about 3 weeks already and keep sending them a help request and nothing!

  10. Yeah, but is there a way to know what you did? Is liking all your comments in a post/reel a bad thing? I do that 😅 and maybe that was a “bot-like” activity?

  11. Yeap! Are you in the Bonus play by chance? I am and since then it’s been a total mess. I have 16k followers and barely get 1k view of the 80k+ I was getting before. Also my reels are not the in hashtags I use 😩 so who knows.

  12. Same thing happened to me. I had to send 3 reports until they fixed it. I’m not so happy they did though. My engagement is nowhere how it used to be before being accepted into this bonus pay.! I’m so ready to be out of it!

  13. So I was just invited and I have this same issue! And it’s driving me insane! 🤣 I have logged out and back in, deleted app and downloaded again, refresh my phone, and contacted them an all, an no luck! 😩

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