1. Yes! OMG they'd be the best to have couple dates with.

  2. They seem so fun, nonjudgmental, and laid back!

  3. I think she thinks that because her child’s 3, that she wears a 3T. That’s clearly not the case.

  4. He is not as genuine as he may seem. Has been married (and now divorced). Was sleeping with a few different girls up until they started shooting the show

  5. I spotted the fuck boy energy from a mile away..

  6. Y’all are my fucking people, I swear. 🤣💀

  7. Beneficial af. Seems legit 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I will tune in for sure. And I wish I could be on this sub with all the wonderful people here for the Bryan Kohberger case. Can’t we please take this sub on the (social media) road!

  9. Something I noticed in the new Netflix doc is that they had a plane. I had not heard that before. I think this may be a small chunk of the missing piece. There was definitely something illegal happening on that property.

  10. Well, at least he's a better actor than Amber Heard. That said, I don't think there's enough evidence to convict him of murder.

  11. Doubt it. You’re forgetting how much power this family has. They’ll settle debts..

  12. I’ll never get over the fact that they paid 1 million for a stock house with texturized walls and a bathroom that looks like this. 😳😵‍💫

  13. Right. It’s not the flex they’re thinking it is..

  14. Jenelle. Unless they’re getting divorced, I don’t wanna hear about it.

  15. I mean seriously. The men/women promise so many things and then crickets when their loved one arrives in America..

  16. What public school are you zoned for? Some in the parish out perform private schools.

  17. This 👆🏼 -plus your tax paying dollars are already paying for it. As a former public school teacher, it was always my understanding that not all private school teachers have to be certified/have an education degree to teach (which totally deterred me from sending my kids there). If you’re zoned for a great public school, it’s totally worth going there IMO. In addition, any special needs services your child may need are free! I know some of the shittiest people from private school and some of the best from public school and vice versa. Just depends on home life as well. Ok rant over 🤣🤣

  18. Yeah like my kid goes to Milton and it's great. My previous step kids went to l Leo judice and it was great too.

  19. I went to Milton too. It’s maintained its ‘A status’ as long as I can remember! Great school

  20. As someone who frequently visits Disney, the way they “Disney” is very annoying. I have never once hired help to watch my children while we are there. Also things like renting a car while there when they could stay at a hotel and take Disney transportation to the parks. How they spend 2 hours at the park when spending $100+ for 1 ticket. I could understand if children are tired, hot, meltdowns, etc. but they leave because they want to, not to actually benefit the kids.

  21. Right?!?? I’m currently planning our first Disney trip for my sweet 3 year old. Every single reservation I’ve made so far is for HER. I never once thought about doing ~lunchies~ alone with my husband. She does everything for likes.

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