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  1. Your right, sorry. Bad joke not funny.

  2. MacFarms is supposed to be 100% Hawaiian macnuts. Their website says they have 50,000 trees on Kapua Ranch, Big Island. But their main office is in Irvine, CA so who knows? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Wait, you’re telling me there’s no banh mi on BI? If, no, I’m sorry as hell fam.

  4. We get banh mi on Big Island at Ba Le, Le Yellow Sub to name a few.

  5. Nah, women don’t want to meet guys at the gym. Only creeps go to the gym to meet women.

  6. Telescopes are now big money, maintenance is done locally, but vey high quality, some of the base stations have apartments, for visiting observers. Dust control is very important. Surety cane is gone but green tourisim is here. The Botanical gardens are a must do for some visitors.

  7. The purpose of the walkthrough is to inspect the place before you sign the lease, you messed up. You came in and signed the contract; it'll be very hard to demand after-the-fact remediation.

  8. There’s something called latent defect, meaning it’s hidden and only revealed later when you move in. They should be able to break the lease based on this, especially bc landlord tried to cover it up during the walkthrough.

  9. Latent defect would be difficult to prove in this case especially if the problem is as noticeable as OP is claiming.

  10. It wasn’t noticeable during the walkthrough bc the landlord was covering up the odor.

  11. I love the painted church. On the way to two step.

  12. Please don’t call it Two Step. It’s Pae'a at Hōnaunau Bay.

  13. I have a Tacoma long bed crew cab, pay $275 for registration on Big Island. Maybe it’s more expensive on Oahu though?

  14. Be careful. A few of the viewing spots are closed due to increased seismic activity. It doesn’t mean it’s erupting more but this happened right before the big flies last time

  15. No viewing areas are closed at Halemaumau/Kilauea. The only part of the park that’s closed due to increased seismic activity is the Mauna Loa summit trail.

  16. Sorry was just quoting the government website.

  17. I looked at HVNP website, it’s not saying that. What government website did you see that?

  18. Thai Thai sucks. I ordered a dish asked for it to be mild. Came out so hot I only took a couple bites and couldn’t eat it. They wouldn’t refund either. Next day had a horrible hot shart when walking around town, cost me my underwear too!

  19. I use American Savings Bank, they’re actually connected with US Bank on the mainland. Their service is great, been with them since 2005.

  20. Island Naturals is guaranteed organic; probably over $200 a turkey though.

  21. Yeah they’re $6.99/lb. at Island Naturals. A small, 9 pound turkey is $63. Costco has them a little cheaper for $4.99/lb. Still looking at $45 or $50 for a small organic turkey. I got my free one, not organic, at Sack n Save.

  22. Cheapest kamaaina rate is Hilton Waikoloa. Should be around $215 and discounted resort fee, free parking. Prices may be higher right now though cuz holidays.

  23. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is 50% the posted rate as long as they have availability. Mauna Lani you can search for their rates with the code Kama2022 and usually they’re between $350-600 a night. They only release them 60ish days out though. Outrigger has kamaaina rates under $200 pretty much always. And all of the Bonvoy hotels can be searched together, idk the code off the top of my head but that’s the Westin Hapuna, Marriott waikola and King Kam courtyard Marriott.

  24. Even at 50% off you’re gonna pay $400/night at MK.

  25. I remember Zippys daily specials on Mccully Zippys on King Street changed some and not so good, they use to serve short ribs, spare rib, beef tomato beef stew (Soup kind) and Mucculy and King Zippys ask for monthly daily schedules, I know Kona didn’t have Zippys when I was growing up . I live in Los Angeles, sometimes I check online to see if expanding branch to California, I think Las Vegas, we willing to drive there, Lucky you live Hawaii, miss Zippys

  26. Zippys in Hilo, I live Kona side but always go when I’m in Hilo. They building one in LV.

  27. Hawaii Fresh Specialties, in the Kona International Market food court across from Target. Get ono poke n rice bentos, other specials from $11 to $15.

  28. Have you tried searching on Zillow? You can set it to rentals rather than homes for sale.

  29. good luck. when I moved here I had to stay in 7 different vacation rentals until I bought my house and that was well before covid. If I tried to move here today I could not afford it. I just had my house appraised and it is 3 times the price I paid for it only a few years ago.

  30. The rail is not a State project or expense, that’s all on City and County of Honolulu.

  31. Da Green Lady! She’s from Hans L’Orange Park in Waipahu. The story behind it was that she was from the old Waipahu Sugar Mill and before the renovation at the park, she hung herself on one of the trees that used to mark a walking path there. We’d hear this story often from da tatas and unkos who grew up in the camps near. Think she also was seen at Waipahu Elementary School toilets, lol!

  32. I heard never let your keiki wander off when you go to Wahiawa Botanical Garden. She take um.

  33. Can buy da kine that clamp on by suction, no more worry over cracked tiles.

  34. Here’s a link to another task force meeting, the agenda lists all the recommendations they came up with and will decide which ones to forward to the State Legislature. You can provide written comments online or sign up to testify via Zoom.

  35. Sure, if they over-regulate it the way they have with medical cannabis. We pay double what they pay in California. Hawaii always trying to reinvent the wheel - let’s only sell Hawaii-grown products and have our own testing labs, etc. There’s so many tested, regulated products already on the market we could allow to be sold here. Sure charge a premium for Hawaii grown, but also let us buy all the others that are sold nationwide if we so choose.

  36. Tuesday night! From around 12:20am - 1:40am, peak around 1am

  37. It happened early Tuesday morning, not Tuesday night.

  38. Its the same for Hilo and Honolulu.

  39. Whoever installs the windows should order them, custom fit to your openings.

  40. Craigslist and Zillow. If he makes enough and applies to a place he like right away he can have it turned around into a lease signing in a week or less. Just look for stuff that says available now

  41. Be careful with Craigslist, there’s some scammers who list places for rent they don’t own, pull pics off of real estate listings. Then take off with your deposit and first/last.

  42. Buying is better because you build equity. You can do a 5 or 7 year ARM to get a lower rate than a 30 year regular mortgage, then refinance later when rates go down.

  43. You might be able to intercept it at the Pahoa PO before it gets shipped back to Amazon.

  44. I have a PO Box in Holualoa and for packages they told me to use the physical address of the Post Office followed by Unit # (your box #). FedEx, UPS, and USPS all deliver to me there. It’s worth paying for a PO Box so there’s no worries over my actual home address being hard to find or having packages stolen.

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