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  1. Can you share the website? I’m large chested and now I need to know.

  2. I’m also large chested, and for the first time in years I don’t have weird spilling or gapes etc. I’ve had both for about a year. Also from what I remember the “consultation” was $100, but you get credit towards your purchase.

  3. I tried a local place last year and got fitted, before they started measuring me I said I don’t want to spend a ton of money just to look like someone’s nana. I’d rather be spilling out, they offered me a bunch of nana bras and said that’s all they have. I’m excited to give this a try ty!

  4. I was def pleased with it. Spending that kind of money isn’t something I’d normally do, but watching the show/tell all where she comments just by eye (maybe there was some sizing before it was Shot) I sucked it up and booked with her. I was just sick of constantly spending money on bras that I thought were my size/fit only for them to be ill fitted and worn out way too soon.

  5. Omg I thought you were him at first, I’m the one with poor reading comprehension clearly, sorry friend 😅

  6. I was gonna make a reading comprehension joke, but since I’m on your side I held back haha.

  7. I appreciate that! but I wouldn’t have blamed you lol I’ll just call myself out as having poor reading comprehension this AM, damn I need my coffee

  8. Go to a food bank and express to them about your dietary needs and restrictions. If it doesn't work out, go full Karen on them and tell them that you're a paying customer and the customer is always right. They should accommodate you after a little arm twisting and table flipping. Be sure to scream a racist slur or two

  9. As long as I can still remind them how rich I am too!

  10. This is a loaded question. I’ve been learning Arabic for over two years and still not comfortable with speaking. I have a teacher (native) use apps and books. I put in at least two hours a day. I can read Arabic, but I’m still not comfortable in speaking Edit: I’m not at the level I want to be, but I put many hours a day into studying.

  11. Also Busuu. You can actually friend people and have mutual language corrections.

  12. Absolutely a great easy meal would be baked falafel in pitas with hummus and a quick israeli salad and pickled onions. More of the isreali salad or w cabbage slaw on the side

  13. Out of curiosity, is this a picture randomly found or do you know this person?

  14. In Portlandia they make an offhand joke about a food allergy pride parade... it is that.

  15. I wasn’t a fan of that show, but this is hilarious.

  16. It’s been a long time since I have watched it. I didn’t hate it, and would give it another watch.

  17. Is it wrong I’m more concerned about the shrimp and ranch combo?

  18. That's it? Why is it written like that?

  19. I have to really think to understand this style. (I’m only two years in though)

  20. Chef Gene. I like my steak with a side of shell shock.

  21. Dying at the advice to not toast spices because they might burn. Dawg, anything can burn if you cook it. That's #justcookingthings.

  22. I’m just picturing him chewing on whole burnt cloves. “Why is this so bitter”

  23. Had an ex who was a novice cook try her best and used whole allspice berries in pulled pork. Thatll put some hair on your chest for sure.

  24. Bobby Flay ... Mostly because i love grilling but hes been one of my favs for a long time.

  25. I made fun of guy fieri for years. I really like him now. He seems to be a legit good person. I don’t care how ridiculous he can be. I think it’s funny now.

  26. Andrew Zimmern, Guy, Anthony Bourdain, Jet Tila! My dudes.

  27. Jake is the best part about that show. “Hey kiddo!!”

  28. Yeah. As somebody that could easily eat a whole spoonful of this is probably not who you want to ask advice from.

  29. Nooooo, really? She's actually been paid to model? What a crazy world we live in.

  30. Guess so. I made the mistake yesterday of Clicking on one of these ads (not this brand) and now my feed is full Of these ads from different companies. How much do these “models” make?

  31. That's a good one. Same here. We had a kid from culinary school working for us, good kid if a bit of a wise ass. He couldn't spell to save his life, instead of Focaccia it was always "fictocia" or "fictasia", so we'd read it like he wrote it to bust his chops. That was 2004, it's still fictocia in my head.

  32. Worked at a place where the KM got fired about 2 weeks after I started. She shows up for dinner (why?) and then sends back a Buffalo chicken pizza because it had Buffalo sauce and not ranch for the base. Bitch, this was your creation in the first place. Lmao. She was a nut case.

  33. Joke is on her, Buffalo anything wouldn’t have ranch.

  34. Restaurants are always making signs with humor. Not sure why this is so funny.

  35. Enjoy yer pedal bike. Don’t drink any caustic.

  36. Oh and the shrimp had ranch seasoning on it.

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