1. I walked away mid typing this and came back to finish …..it makes even less sense. So I’m keeping it.

  2. When you constantly have to say “I’m a good person” chances are you aren’t.

  3. At work whenever we do something that a legit good person wouldn’t do we always back up with “but I’m a good person”

  4. Okay, nobody has said my new favorite pizza place, Candyman Pizza next to Caputo's on Sheridan. Give it a shot, the pizzas are DELICIOUS!

  5. I’ve been seeing posts from this place and it looks legit good.

  6. Maybe $5-10. New production ‘giveaway’ merchandise doesn’t go for too much. If it were vintage, maybe $20.

  7. Yeah. I’ve been clearing my fathers (70s) house out that was his parents house since the 40s, so lots of stuff accumulated I came across things like this from 70s on. Those aren’t worth much, and to me not worth the effort to sell. If you don’t find the same thing for sale online, then sure put it up on a site. If there are more then two on a selling site, I personally don’t bother.

  8. Don't forget to leave a short, 300 - 500 word description to let everyone know about your collectables! This really helps; especially if you are asking a question.

  9. These are a mix of my Barbie’s from late 80s to early 90s and some of my mothers from the 60s. I think most of the dolls are mine but a mix with 60s clothes (many not pictured)

  10. I'm wondering if they used west coast salmon. Because of the parasite risk, salmon has not been part of Japanese sushi. It's only been very recent that Atlantic salmon has graced Japanese sushi restaurants.

  11. I was watching a show the other day that they only started using salmon in Japan because Norway had a huge surplus of it.

  12. Norway marketed it to Japan. Brilliant sale. The salmon sushi in Norway from the corner grocery store is the best I've ever had.

  13. Boy I thought I was on the regular cooking subreddit and the amount of concern I had was way too high XD

  14. Pre 1965 coins still were 90% silver with the exception of the penny and the nickel. I don’t see anything there I recognize as “collectible”. These dime will sell for a little over there melt value (what the silver is worth). This site tells you what different coins are worth based only on there precious metal content. Don’t accept anything less than what is stated here.

  15. I just found one of these at my fathers house, it would have been his mother’s

  16. Hi my partner and I sold online and locally for at least 15 years. One thing we discovered as we also worked for an estate selling company is that prices change. And change is fast due to what I call the eBay Factor. Many times have noticed an item sells at an incredibly high price on an eBay auction. But reality tells me if I want to get rid of certain items, check what they have sold for in the very recent past. Also realize that many of your items even if they look retro or antique may not be worth anything at all.

  17. From Buffalo, you are capable of getting good wings elsewhere and shitty ones here.

  18. lol, so you didn't genetically modify your herd of bison to give them wings? that's what I did. If we're gonna call them buffalo wings at least make the names truthful.

  19. Of course I do. I’m speaking about all the other peasants that use chicken.

  20. No it's mostly people who suffered some form of empathy erosion in their early childhood, that will look for a reason to do shitty things because they are unable to empathize. It's deeper than the surface. Most people in the world are good, most Muslims who know of this author didn't care to hurt him. you would say that's true right?

  21. can you advise 1 app and 1 book for beginner? do you recall which were the best ones?

  22. Arabic Course for English speaking students for books-Dr V. Abdur Rahim. There is no english, and still taking it very slowly, but as long as you have a dictionary and even google translate (which isn’t great) it’s a good working textbook. I haven’t been using many apps lately as much but Duolingo is a good intro. If you are just getting started. I finished the course about a year ago, but it’s easy to pick up here and there if you hve 5-10 minutes to spare. I started with rosetta stone (about a month before having a teacher). I didn’t start benefiting from it very much until about year and half of having a teacher, where I learned grammar etc.

  23. Who ever called him “celebrity heartthrob”. I mean, he’s neither. Even if you were to use one of the words.

  24. Curry leaves, Aleppo pepper, tamarind and sun-dried tomatoes.

  25. I have some sun dried tomatoes from 1985 I’ve been waiting to use

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